Methods to Resolve Quickbooks Error 6000 83 

Quickbooks is one of the renowned accountancy software that is cloud-based. So it is plausible for some errors like Quickbooks Error 6000 83 to occur once in a while considering the wide circle of users from all over the world. Here we’re going to talk about the Quickbooks Error 6000 83, and the reason why it occurs. Also, we will talk about how to resolve it with ease. We will try to understand the error deeply to prevent it from happening again in the future. 

So, first things first. Before you know what this error is, you need to know what Quickbooks is – Quickbooks is an accounting software package developed by Intuit. It can deal with all your transactions, bill payments, tax reminders, tax calculations, and many more. Quickbooks majorly concentrates on small & medium-sized enterprises to provide and incorporate cloud-based accounting applications that are capable of accepting business payments, bill payments, and payroll functions.  

Quickbooks Error 6000 83 is an error that happens when the user is trying to access the QB file, it gives a message box every time stating that the file can’t be opened or it has been restricted for usage.  

Why Quickbooks Error 6000 83 happens?

This error is caused by a lot of reasons and can be rectified easily using the methods that are discussed in this article. The message in this error usually states that the user is not allowed to use the file. It may also say that if you wish to use the file then the user must have the right to create, delete, write, and read authority on the company files. 

In most cases the trouble lies in the browser and windows, the browser sometimes blocks the permission to access the QB files. Another reason that can create this error is that multiple users are trying to access the file data. 

The extension of the Quickbooks file has not been installed correctly or is incorrect. The Quickbooks application’s files have gone corrupted or are not working properly for some reason. 

What are the signs of Quickbooks Error 6000 83?

Quickbooks Error Code 6000 83

Now that we know what causes this error, it is time to figure out what are the signs that can make the user realize this error has occurred. 

  • A notification window pops up and the applications keep crashing every time the user opens it. 
  • A detailed window stating the error name. 
  • A window stating that the application can’t be opened.
  • The application gets hanged and does not respond on time. 
  • The system gets stuck.

How to resolve Quickbooks Error 6000 83?


Quickbooks Error 6000 83

It is recommended that the user keeps a backup of the data of the files in order to avoid any loss of any important data while performing the below-given methods. You can either copy-paste the files to an external hard disc or you can create a new folder in the C drive itself and copy-paste it there itself. 

Different Methods to Eradicate Quickbooks Error 6000 83 

Let’s have a look at the numerous solutions that you can apply to rectify this agitating error.

Method: 1 Rename .Qbb File

In this method, first of all, you have to open the startup menu window and then search the file explorer and then open it. Now, you have to find the file with the .qbb extension – this is the company file and you have to rename this file. For doing this you have to right-click on this file and then rename it. Also, it is important to eliminate any special characters, symbols, and spaces while renaming the file. The final step in this method is to restore the company files that have been backed up earlier. 

If this method resolved your issue then great! Otherwise, just check out the next process. 

Method: 2 Create New Company File

Quickbooks - Create new company file

In case you are unable to restore the Quickbooks files you have to go back to the company and then open the same file from the company, the one from which you made your backup. In this process, the user has to create a portable company file and after the creation just use the same file for restoration of your company file. 

Method: 3 Move Company File

In this process, the user has to simply move the company file from the server to a local hard disk. Now, restore the company file. It is just an easy process to move the company file back to the server. 

Company file on windows server

Method: 1 Turn- off Multi-User Access

The hosting is turned off on the network to carry out this solution. It is a very efficient and effective solution to resolve the error. The server computer that the user has to be switched to one hosting if it’s set to multi-user access. If the company files exist in multiple workstations then the user has to turn the multi-user access off.

Quickbooks - Turn- off Multi-User Access

Now, to carry out this method, initiate the Quickbooks desktop in any one of the systems. Navigate to the File menu and open utilities, now select the stop hosting Multi-User access. If you are seeing Host multi-user instead of stop multi-user access then do not choose it because then you may have to move on to any other system in the workstation. Just do the exact same process on all the workstations and then you are good to go. 

Method: 2 Download Quickbooks File Doctor Tool

You can simply just download the QB file doctor in order to fix this error. Quickbooks file doctor is a great application that is capable of fixing errors like this within a matter of time. 

Method: 3 Restore Company File

If you are lucky enough to have a backup of the company file then you just have to make full use of it and restore the company file. 

Method: 4 Change Windows Hosts File

In this step, we just have to edit the Windows hosts file in order to get the issue solved. Also, you are required to access the server as an administrator, you may also keep a pen and paper to jot down the information because you will have to go back and forth with it. 

Step 1:  Collect IP Address and Server Name

The first process is to get the IP address and name of the computer on the server. You have to press Windows + R  so that the run box shows up, enter cmd in the run box. After that type ipconfig/all and hit enter. On the black screen, you will see the IP address and server name, note down this. Now, on all the other workstations repeat the same process. 

Step 2: Configure Host File

In process 2 firstly, shut the QB files down and go to My computer. Now, navigate to the system 32/64 folder in the C drive and open the Drivers folder and navigate to the, etc folder. Here, choose the hosts file and open it with notepad. In the host file, the user is required to put in the IP address coordinated by the computer name. You have to use the tab key instead of the space bar to separate the IP address and the computer name. Just save the host file. 

Now, you are required to open Quickbooks desktop in multi-user mode. In some versions of windows, it is asked to Save As window file name due to UAC being turned on. Hopefully, this method helped you resolve the issue. If not, then you may want to try out the very next step. 

Method 5:

If the error still persists then the user can try fixing it manually to eradicate the issue. Just follow the following processes, they will definitely help in resolving the error 6000, 83. 

Process 1: Update Quickbooks Desktop

Update the Quickbooks Desktop to the latest version. Now, check if the browser is blocking the firewall and keep the internet settings correct so that the server can communicate with your system. Also, allow the Quickbooks files permissions so that the folders can be shared with the company files.

Quickbooks update

Process 2: Install QBDSM 

In this process, the Quickbooks Database Server Manager has to be downloaded and installed on the server computer, if not done already. Now, navigate to the Windows start menu on the server computer. From here put Database Server into the search bar and start the Quickbooks Database Server Manager. Now, you may look for the company files here. Enter File Explorer in the search bar and open the file explorer, you will see the files that have been scanned. Find the ND file in the scanned folder, if you didn’t find it then you will have to scan the folder once again. Most probably the issue is fixed by now, if it has not then you may try the next process. 

Process 3:  Change Hosting Settings

The hosting settings have to be checked in this process. At times the Database manager resets the hosting settings in the server, so to change it you can follow the steps explained in the method where changing hosting settings is discussed. 

Process 4: Move Company File

This process is all about moving the company file because this can help in resolving the issues with the location of the file. For doing this just follow the below steps. 

Navigate to the Windows start menu at the start and then open file explorer and look for the company file. Now copy this file and paste it on your Windows desktop, you have got a copy of the company file. 

All you have to do now is to reopen your Quickbooks Desktop, click on open or restore an existing company and open the company file. Now, just try opening the file that you have already copied earlier on the Windows Desktop. If the file gets opened successfully then congratulations you have successfully rectified the error. The problem was actually with the file location. Now, you will have to move the copied file to the original location folder. 

For this first, you have to shut down the Quickbooks desktop. The next step is to right-click on the file and then you have to select the file and rename it. It will be easy if you add new in the file name while renaming. Open the folder with your original company file, now right-click on the original company file, and rename it to old.  This is for avoiding confusion in the future because you will require these files in the future as well. Now just place the new file in the folder where the old file exists. 

You will have to start the QB Desktop, now press on open or restore an existing company file and then open a company file. Now, you can easily use the copied company file and you have to use the same file always. 

For Linux to solve Quickbooks Error 6000 83

These are the processes that are to be followed by Linux servers and it is recommended to perform these steps only if you have a good command of Linux. Also, remember to make sure that the right permissions are granted to the server. 

Process 1: Configure Linux Server Base Data Manager

In this step, the Linux server has to be configured correctly. You have to launch the Linux Server Base Data Manager on the server.  Now just manage the Quickbooks Database server manager and the directory in the Initord.conf file. Now just restart the application of Quickbooks in the given host computer devices.

Process 2: Configure Host File
  • You have to configure the host and before that, we need to ping the server so that we can optimize the configuration of the server. 
  • The first step is to connect any of your computer devices to the server. 
  • Now, go to the start menu window and open the run command box.
  • Enter cmd and the command prompt will start automatically.
  • On the black screen, you will see the server name and the IP address.

Configure Host File

  • Now we have to edit the host file.
  • Shut all the windows of Quickbooks desktop from all the computers that are connected to the network. 
  • Just navigate to the start menu window and go to file explorer.
  • Now go to the C drive and system 32. Now you will see the etc folder open and later open the host files. Open the host file in notepad. At the very end of the notepad enter the IP address and the server name that you have copied earlier. Use the tab key instead of the space bar while creating space between the IP address and the server name. 
  • Just save the host file and close the notepad. 

Just try opening the company file and if it is working smoothly then the issue has been fixed. Hopefully, it worked for you.


I hope these helped you get rid of the error that you have been facing.  That’s exactly why all the solutions have been consolidated in this article. These solutions are very powerful and can definitely eradicate the error within minutes. It can generate further complications which may lead to a crash of the operating system.  

If you are still facing an issue contact the helpline number of Quickbooks. They will surely give you the solution to demolish the error. 

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