Fix Quicken Won’t Download or Update Bank Transactions

Quicken is one of the well-known accounting applications that can be used for personal, home, or family-based financial accounting. It is a popular application because of its well-established authority, mitigated price. Quicken Won’t Download or update is an error that can be seen in Quicken. People who want to manage their personal finance and those who want to coordinate their sole proprietorship can use Quicken.

Like all the other leading accounting software Quicken also has to encounter some minor issues and errors. These errors can be fixed within a very short period of time. 

The most common error that arises in Quicken is the won’t download or update transaction error. You have to do a few processes to rectify this error. In this article, we will discuss how to demolish this error. Also, how to avoid them from happening in the future.  So without further delay let’s hop on to the solutions and causes. 

Causes of Quicken Won’t Update Bank Transactions

Network Connectivity Issue

The most common reason for this error is because the user has some issues with the internet. Another reason is facing a high-level of ping. With reduced speed on the internet, Quicken will definitely show this error. You have to make sure the internet is working fine and try opening the application again. 

Offline Servers

The financial organization from which you are trying to download has it’s servers offline. To rectify this error you can try emailing the organization about it and wait for their response. Otherwise, you can just wait till the download gets finished. 

Trouble with Bank

There can be times when the servers of the bank are facing heavy traffic or the transaction has not been completed due to some check issue. All these cases can give birth to this error. 

Missing Data

Sometimes the data of a missing transaction may have been deleted, as quickens don’t restore or recover previously deleted data this action arises this error. 

How to fix Quicken Won’t Download or Update Bank Transactions?

Now, that we are familiar with that the causes of this error are, it’s time for us to see how this error can be rectified.  You can follow these steps to check if the error gets rectified or not. After each process, if the error does not get rectified then you can simply move on to the very next process. 

Method 1: Update Quicken SoftwareQuicken Won't Update Bank Transactions error

In this process, you have to check if you are having the latest version of Quicken or not. To ensure this you just have to open the Quicken software and then simply go to Help and use the tab Check for update. If you see the message that your software is not up to date, then you will have the option to update it. You just have to click yes to start the installation. 

Method: 2 Update Account Details in Quicken

This process would help the user to refresh the account details, to do this the user has to open the account in which the error is occurring and then go to the accounts section of the same account. After doing this you will see an option of Update Now at the exact top on the right side of the screen.

The user can also use the keys Ctrl+Alt+U. It is time to enter your bank account details, after filling it up you just have to click on the Update Now option. 

Method: 3 Repair Quicken File

You have to repair the Quicken file that has been by any means got broken. To do this you have to choose file operations and then simply go to Validate and Repair, now the user would have to check the box that is in front of the Validate file. As soon as you do it Quicken will immediately start the process of validating the file. After doing this process you will see a DATA_LOG notepad file. Quicken Error

Method: 4 Deactivate and Reactivate Quicken Account

In this process, the user will have to go to tools and then have to choose the option of Account List for which the user can make use of the keys Ctrl +A. When you are done doing this then simply select the edit tab for which the error is occurring. The next step is that the user would have to select the online services tab and click the Deactivate button, later click Ok. After finishing this process your account will be deactivated.

Now you must reactivate it to rectify the error. Let’s have a look at how to do it. AS we have done earlier, we would have to go to tools and then on the account list – click on edit for the account which has been deactivated and you wish to reactivate. Select the tab called Online Services, after doing that the user will see a tab called Set up Now, just click on that.

The user will be redirected to a window where the user will have to enter their bank account details, which is basically the username and password of the bank account. After done doing that the user is required to click on Connect. Quick will open a screen where the accounts details would appear, it is important to note that you don’t have to add your account you just have to link it. Finally, just click on the Next button. 

Method: 5 Create New Quicken File

If none of the above steps worked out well for you then don’t worry this will surely work fine for you. In this process, the user is required to make a new quicken file.  To carry out this process the very first step is to navigate to the file and then open New Quicken File.Quicken Won't Download Bank Transactions Error

Now, it is time to select OK and save the file with a name that would be easy to identify later. You will be asked to fill in your username and password, enter them and simply click on Sign in. A six digits code will be sent to the user’s registered mobile number. After putting the digits in you will have to click on the Next button. A question box will pop up asking to sync your mobile, if you want to then click Use Mobile and if you don’t then just click on Don’t Use Mobile. After doing that simply click on Next, now select the tab Add account.

The user will have to select the type of account and after choosing from the wide range of bank lists the user will be redirected to a page where the username and password have to be filled in. Finally, just click the connect button.  


Hopefully, these processes helped you in resolving and fixing the issue that you have been facing. The error Quicken Won’t Download or Update Bank Transactions would surely be rectified if these steps are carried out correctly. If you are still having difficulties in rectifying this error then it is highly advised that the user contacts the customer care support of Quicken. They will surely help you all out. 

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