Repairing Guide to fix Quickbooks Unexpected Error 5 – Solving Guide

Quickbooks unexpected error 5 is one such error that usually enters during installing hardware or when opening or running other functions in Quickbooks desktop point of sale. This is yet another Quickbooks error that needs to be rectified with the troubleshooting guide. 

This error comes with an error message that reads “Got unexpected error 5 is a call to NetShareGetInfo For Path.” Basically, invalid entries in the Windows registry and improper configuration of the system are the main reason behind the error. But, in the next section, you will get to know more factors that contribute to the error. 

The user needs to hold on to this article until the error will get resolved. So, keep reading this and enhance your knowledge about Quickbook’s unexpected error 5. Now let’s focus on the next part.

Reasons that bring Quickbooks unexpected error 5

The error is a consequence of all the factors that make the error arise in the system. Get into the list below to know each of them.

  • Incorrect installation of Quickbooks.
  • Eradicating registry entry or system file.
  • When the windows user account is not provided all the rights.
  • Presence of the invalid entries in the Windows registry.
  • If the user shuts down the system in an inappropriate way.
  • Moreover, Antivirus and malware attacks can also bring the error.
  • If the location of the point of sale update’s shared download is invalid.

Solutions to Resolve the Quickbooks unexpected error 5

As of now, you understand the error and all the causes of it. Let’s move into the troubleshooting part and resolve the error issue with just some taps and clicks.

Solution 1: Disable the User

Before proceeding with the solution, ensure that you follow each and every step carefully. Now, start the process with these steps.

  • First of all, open the company tab on Quickbooks desktop and choose the users.
  • Then select set up users and roles.

Quickbooks unexpected error 5

  • Now choose the user in the user list.
  • In the last, click OK to give confirmation.
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Solution 2: Remove User Account Control in Windows

Disable the user account control in the window by carrying out these simple and easy steps.

  • The first and foremost step for you is to hit Windows + R tab together and open the run window.
  • At this time, enter the control panel and press the OK button.
  • In the next step, choose user accounts and then click on user accounts (classic view).

Quickbooks unexpected error 5

  • After finishing all the steps, move to the change user account control settings. Keep in mind to click on the yes tab if you are prompted by UAC.
  • The slider that you see on your system screen, try to move it to never notify.

Quickbooks unexpected error 5

  • Then navigate to the OK button and disable UAC. 
  • Or, you can also set to always notify and choose OK to enable UAC.
  • If you see any text then click on the yes tab.
  • End the process by rebooting the system.

You can check the error by doing the same procedure that you did at the time of the error’s occurrence. If the error is resolved, try to enable the UAC since it requires to be enabled for financial exchange to work with Quickbooks desktop point of sale.

Solution 3: Recreate the user

  • To begin, choose the user and roles.
  • Then try to create a new username for the new user.
  • After that, create a new password and tap on the confirm button.
  • In the last step, the user needs to set up the roles for the user and hit the OK button.

Solution 4: Download and Install Quickbooks File Doctor Tool

Quickbooks unexpected error 5

  • Firstly, try to download and install the Quickbooks file doctor tool from the official site of Intuit.
  • Then, the tool will automatically verify all the files and folders in the folders.
  • In addition to this, correct the hosting settings also.
  • After performing the above steps, you can easily access and manage the system through a permission level setting.
  • Furthermore, you can also repair and locate the damaged files in Quickbooks software.

Solution 5: Permit file share access

  • To begin, the user needs to open the file explorer and right-click on the folder that consists of the file.
  • Then choose the properties and sharing tab.

Quickbooks unexpected error 5

  • After that select partial or full sharing according to the business requirements.
  • In the last step, choose to apply and then press the OK button.

Solution 6: Update Quickbooks Point of Sale

By updating Quickbook Point of sale, we can easily get rid of the error issue. Follow the steps to do so.

  • In the very first place, try to sign in to the point of sale system as an admin.
  • Then, go to the help menu and look for the software updates.
  • After that choose update preference.
  • Now choose the general tab.
  • In this step, you need to choose automatically download updates.
  • In addition, click on notify me in order to receive the notification related to new updates when they become available.
  • Lastly, choose the OK button when done.

From this way, you can easily detect the available updates, and the Quickbooks accounting software will also download and install the latest updates on its own.

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Solution 7: Install the Reimage Repair Tool

Reimage repair tool is the repairing tool that you can use by following the guidance of the steps given below to rectify the error. 

Quickbooks unexpected error 5

  • First of all, try to download the Reimage repair tool.
  • After that save the tool on the desktop.
  • And visit the file location and hit the yes tab when prompted.
  • Now the automatic scan will begin and you only need to remove the checkmark.
  • Then just install the tool that will help do the further scanning procedure on its own.
  • After finishing all the steps, begin the repair process.
  • In the last step, try to reboot the Quickbooks software and verify if Quickbooks error 5 has gone or not.

Winding Up!

After performing all the solutions, the user requires to proceed with that similar task that gives the error on the desktop screen. If the error vanishes then you can carry on with all the business-related tasks but if not, try to contact the Quickbooks customer care team, tell them your situation and they will surely help you with great solutions and guidance.

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