Complete Guide to Download and Install Quickbooks Tool Hub

Quickbooks Tool hub

The out-and-out usher for the Quickbooks tool hub aka repair tool hub is right here. Every subtle detail about QuickBooks tool hub download, installation, and working will be explained in full depth and detail. Quickbooks tool hub is a single software that consolidates the collective QuickBooks tool applications altogether in just one place. 

Before the QB tool hub was introduced, users who had issues while installing and using the Quickbook software application had to download a separate diagnostic tool each time and spend hours for the same. That is one hectic process – but now with this dynamic software, users just have to install the QB tool hub once and the rest is covered till eternity.

Quickbooks tool hub can perform many powerful operations. It can diagnose and repair installation errors, bugs while performing tasks in the QuickBooks software, and many more. 

What is Quickbooks?

So, first things first. Before you know what Quickbooks Tool hub is, you need to know what Quickbooks is – Quickbooks is an accounting software pack developed by Intuit. Quickbooks majorly concentrates on small & medium-sized enterprises to provide and incorporate cloud-based accounting applications that are capable of accepting business payments, bill payments, and payroll functions. 

What is the Quickbooks tool hub?

Quickbooks tool hub or repair tool hub is an application or platform that consists of all the consolidated solutions to the Quickbooks software. Gone are the days where you have to download different diagnostics applications for different issues. With the help of the QB tool hub, you will be able to fix and eradicate many common issues and bugs within the Quickbooks. All you need to do is run a diagnosis and the QB tool hub will automatically detect the problem and fix it. 

Requirements To Install Quickbooks Tool Hub

To install the QB tool hub you don’t need a bunch of things. All you need is the Microsoft.Net framework and Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable package. 

What issues the Quickbooks tool hub can resolve?

Quickbooks Tool hub

It’s always disappointing when an issue or bug comes up while you are working on a report. Now, with this software, these issues can be fixed within a matter of time. 


The problems while installing the Quickbooks application can be eradicated in no time. 


Network issues are annoying and are difficult to fix. Especially, if you have not downloaded the Quickbooks software from Intuit’s official website these issues may pop up often. With Tool hub, the solution to these errors comes in handy. 

Business files:

By clicking upon the “company file issues” tab in the tool hub and just completing the instructions you can easily resolve this kind of issue.

Forgot password:

You can retrieve your login credentials with the help of the tool hub in just minutes. You just have to click on the “password reset” option and enter your username and registered email address. A retrieving link will be sent to your registered email address and will get access to the account back.

Downloading and Installing the Quickbooks tool hub:Install Quickbooks Tool Hub


Download the software from the following URL: Quickbooks tool hub

  • After the download has been finished you have to open the QuickBooksToolHub.exe file. After that, the following window will appear. 
  • Now, you have to click on the “Next button” to proceed further in the Installation process. 
  • A license agreement window will open up and you will have to click the “Yes” button.
  • You may have to choose the destination where you would like to save the setup of the Quickbooks tool hub. After choosing, just click on the “Next” button. 
  • Now you are ready to install the software. Choose the “install” button and let it install. Wait till it gets over. 
  • Your installation will be completed. Now you may either click “Finish” or you can launch “Qbooks Tool Hub” right away. 

After the installation, you have to launch the software. When it opens up for the first time you may see the following window for the first time. 

Constituents of Quickbooks tool hub:Download Quickbooks Tool hub

Home: In the home menu you will see the welcome page where details about every task that can be performed within the QB tool hub software can be seen. It is the home page of the software. 

Company file issues: In this tab, the files whose data has been damaged due to certain reasons can be cleared. You don’t need to download the File Doctor software anymore, it has been included within the QB Tool hub software. What you have to do is run the File Doctor and login with the right credentials. A quick scan will be done on your desired file, the damage of the data, and other related issues within the file will be detected. After the problem has been diagnosed you just have to guide to fix the issue. It can be used to resolved errors like Quickbooks Error 6000 83.

Network Issues: Errors like H202 can be resolved using this tab. You just have to run the Quickbooks Database Server Manager tab for the software to successfully detect the issue.

Other Problems:

Program Problems: In this tab, you get three different options to resolve a particular issue. The first option is the ‘Quick Fix my Program’ option which turns off any ongoing process that is currently running in the background window and tries to fix that issue. Second is the ‘QuickBooks Program Diagnostic Tool’ which takes around 20 minutes to find the problem and after that it solves it. Now, you have to reboot your computer. Last but not least, the tool is ‘QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tool’ which eradicates the issues which you may face during emailing or printing the Quickbooks application. 

Installation Issues: Here any issue related to installation, re-installation, or the uninstallation of Quickbooks is resolved. You just have to click on the “QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool” to make use of the facility that this tool provides. Still, if you are having problems you can simply click on the ‘Clean Install Tool’. It will clean or eliminate all the files that have not been removed previously. 

Password Reset: This tab is helpful in case you have forgotten your password. It also helps in other issues like not being able to log in or any other credentials related issues. To retrieve your account you have to navigate through the “Forgot Password” button and then Enter down your phone number, email address, license number, zip code, along with your previously known username. After submitting a link will be sent a token number to your email address. You have to enter this number in the provided area and then you will get to enter your new password. 


Like this, you will be able to use everything related to QuickBooks Tool Hub. It is a very powerful software and can perform any major task given within a matter of time. With the help of a Toolbox, your everyday life will become much easier and faster. With the introduction of Quickbook itself, thousands of people could perform their project reports and other business pertinent tasks in no time.

Now, after the arrival of the QB toolbox, everything is going to be hassle-free and quicker. You just need this one piece of software that is capable of demolishing all the issues altogether in just one place. 

We understand that things can get broken sometimes, especially when it is a cloud-based system that has to store humongous levels of data daily. That is why we came up with this tremendous application, it will save you time and will provide a better user experience while using QuickBooks. It also has solutions to problems like passwords and logins. We believe it will improve the user and software connection because you will get to have a separate platform that will do these types of works for you. 

A Toolbox will also help in terms of privacy and security because all the data will be safe within the cloud and Toolbox will act as a protecting software from which no data can be leaked. 

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