How to Fix Quickbooks Script Error?

Quickbooks without a doubt is one of the most popular accounting software that is used by a colossal number of people on a daily basis. An error that the Quickbooks users have to face is the script error which gives the message of an error that has occurred in the script on this page. Improper execution of command causes the script error. This is because of some internal errors in the program. It can also happen because of improper settings in the web browser. Quickbooks Script Error

So, whenever a user tries to open Quickbooks Desktop they see the error message of script error. You don’t have to get all nervous after seeing this message because in this article you will get a detailed study about this error along with how to solve this within just a matter of time. We understand that this error can be quite overwhelming because of its critical nature. Don’t have to worry much about it though. You can eradicate this error easily. Just follow each and every process in this article carefully until you find the best fit for you. 

Before figuring out the solution for this error it is vital to understand what this error is, let’s have a look at that. 

What is a Quickbooks script error?

The script error is an error that creates complete chaos, yes you read it right. It is such an error that does not give any clue about its existence. This error shows no signs or indications to the users. It does not even have an error dialogue box that implies its existence. It really is a  ghost error – no visibility, just the dramatic consequences. Script Error Quickbooks

The only indication that can be seen of this error is the constant failures of our pages. When this error is present in the QB software then the webpage does not load properly, this is generally because of improper commands. Though this error creates chaos it still is a minor error, it does not include any damage to the files or any data loss. Also, it is not that hard to rectify it, you just simply have to follow the methods mentioned in this article. Nevertheless, before talking about the conventional methods of solving this error, it is important to understand what causes these errors – it’s time for us to learn that first. 

What Causes Quickbooks Script Error?

There are a number of reasons that give birth to the script error, after you get to know what they are you can avoid these in the future. Let’s have a look at what they are first.

  • This error will occur if already existing data from an already existing account is imported to Quickbooks. 
  • When an invoice that has a different account from assets or accounts due is imported to Quickbooks. 
  • If the user is using an account name and account number that are already existing. 
  • The functions that are vital for script processing is disabled or have started to malfunction. 
  • If the user’s computer has some kind of malware present in it.
  • If any of the vital components of Active X gets broken or damaged in any way. 

So if the user sees any of the above reasons in their system then they can right away rectify the error by correcting them. If you don’t see any then you can try to avoid these in the future.

Also, these errors can occur when internet explorer is used. When redirected to a webpage. The users can try using some other browser as their default browser. 

Troubleshooting Methods for Quickbooks Script Error

Now that we have discussed everything that causes this error, it is time for us to understand how brilliantly we can resolve the script error message. So before you start applying these processes, it is important to make sure that the error message box has been closed. Also,  you don’t have to try out each and every process, just try out the solutions until your error is solved. 

Method: 1  Configure Internet Explorer Settings

In this process, the user will have to add intuit as a trusted site in the browser, for which the user will have to check the cookies and other settings. Let’s see how to do it.

  • Open the internet explorer and choose the gear icon at the very top in the right direction. 
  • Now the user is required to navigate to the section called tools on the browser and then go to the security tab
  • When the user is done doing that, the next step is to select the trusted sites and then click the tab named sites
  • The user will have to put in https://* in the add this website to the zone area field and then hit add
  • The user will have to repeat the same step as above for the https://*

Script Error Quickbooks

  • Now, the user is required to click on close and leave the trusted sites tab. 
  • The user after totally completing that will have to select the custom level and then will have to scroll down till you find Miscellaneous. 
  • Here the user will see the allow cross-domain requests which the user will have to enable by clicking on it.  After that just simply click on Ok
  • The very next step for the user is to click apply and then select the Ok tab in order to close the window. 
  • Finally, you have to reboot your system.

Method: 2 Disable Add-Ons on Browser

The user will have to disable all the add ons that are present in their browser, it is important because some add ons cause blockade to the working of Quickbooks and the web page ends up in failure while loading. To disable the add ons users will have to follow the below-discussed steps. 

  • Firstly in internet explorer, the user will have to go and visit the Tools section. 
  • The user is required to click on internet options
  • Now, the user will have to select the option of Programs
  • The user will see the manager tab named add-on, just select that. 
  • Finally, the user will have to click on disable add-ons and click on OK – you are done disabling the add ons.

After trying out this process, the user will have to check whether the error has been rectified or not. If it has been rectified there is no need for the user to proceed further, if not then sure move on to the next process. 

Method: 3 Delete Browser History

This process focuses on clearing the cache data of the user’s default browser. Sometimes entities like cookies, browser history, and other sorts of settings play a major role in causing the script error. To fulfill the requirements of this process the user will have to follow these steps. 

  • The first step is to open an internet explorer and select the option named tools.
  • Now, the user is required to select the internet options and then just simply do the same for general tabs.
  • Now under the section named browser history, the user will have to select the option of delete.

Quickbooks Script Error

  • The user will have to check the boxes before the desired options that you intend to delete. 
  • Finally, just simply click on Ok to complete the entire process. 

This is a very effective process and the user will surely see results. 

Method: 4 Clear Script Error Box

This step might sound trivial to you but it is the most effective one because nothing more knows Windows better than itself. In this process, you have to carry out a basic troubleshooting process. 

  • The first step is to open Internet Explorer, in which the user is required to click on Tools.
  • After clicking on tools the user will have to press the key named Alt on their keyboard, doing so the user will be able to see the hidden menus. 
  • Now, in this, the user will have to navigate to the advanced tab
  • For every script error box, the user may have to click on the clear display.
  • Lastly, the user will have to click on the OK button. 

Wrapping up!

Hopefully, these processes helped you in eradicating the script error. These steps if done carefully can bring wonderful results because they hold the potential to demolish these types of errors. You can also read how to troubleshoot Quickbooks Error H202.

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