QuickBooks POS Vs Square: Which One to Go For? (A Complete Guide)

QuickBooks is one of the most widely-used modern management software that is operated by a lot of users all around the world. It aids the users in the management of their financial accounts, tax reports, organizing stocks & inventories, and other accounting activities. In any type of business, be it small or larger size, the processing tools for transactions are quite essential as transactions and payments between the firm create reliable communication between them. Everyone is in need of secure, safe, and uninterrupted payment processing along with the presence of different payment modes and methods. So, when we talk about QuickBooks, there are many other payment processing tools that we will be discussing later.  

The two most reliable QuickBooks payment tools are as follows – POS QuickBooks and Square. You must be thinking now about which one you should choose and why. No need to worried, we are here to assist you with your problems. This post will include the payments security tools along with the information from its basic definition, similarities to its key differences and you will be able to learn everything about QuickBooks POS vs Square. So, let us begin with the post and read it till the end. 

QuickBooks Point of Sale

QuickBooks Point of Sale

QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 is defined as an extended version of the QuickBooks software that aids retailers, business firms, and small and medium-sized firms. It also plays a key role in the organization of inventory stocks,  tracking of clients, customers, etc., creating financial reports and bills, and systemic management of sales, etc. It further assists infringing the profitability of a business and enhances customer relations in the firms. POS is available in three editions – POS Basic, POS pro, and POS Multi-Store.

Now we will go to the essential features of the POS QuickBooks online.

Employees Management

Through the Pro and Multi-store POS version, the company managers will be able to do tracking of the employees’ performance, working hours, and their productivity. This application keeps the records safely and also updates important data to the QuickBooks application.

Inventory Management

The Inventory management feature is an important feature that assists the users in keeping tabs on storage units, tag customization, inventory stocks forecasting, and other daily management tasks, etc. 

Gifts Cards and Discounts 

Keeping a track of the history of the consumers’ purchases is quite important so, QB POS helps the users in understanding the customers better. Depending on their purchasing history, it gives and generates gift cards and discount deal vouchers to its consumers on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and other events. Using the QB POS reads all the purchasing history of their consumers and generates discount cards and gift vouchers on the special occasions of their birthdays and other events. This creates a healthy bond between reliable retailer and their customers. 

Hardware Compatibility 

QuickBooks Point of Sale has a good range when it is about hardware compatibility. It is easily compatible with a tag & receipt printer, cash drawer, wireless barcode scanner, pole display,  Microsoft Surface Pro, etc. 


QB POS is quite an expensive tool for many users when it is compared with some other POS tools. It’s the cheapest version which is the POS Basic edition has a subscription of $1,200 while the other two versions i.e. POS Pro and POS Multi-Store are available at a subscription of $1,700 and $1,900 respectively.

Square POS 

Square POS

Square Point of Sale is a free POS application that aids the users in selling and allowing consumers to buy. It gives a straightforward and real experience in the POS space. Square QuickBooks Online provides it better than the other products when compared in its class. It is becoming the universal payment app for retail stores and wholesalers. Except for contactless transaction approval and payments, it also aids in the management of consumers’ purchasing history and some other valuable consumer data. This user-friendly app is quite easy to handle. Let us now go through its features in detail.

Employees Management

Square POS is a valuable asset when it comes to managerial tasks which include management of employees’ data, tracking of their progress, and daily work and productivity reports.

Management of Inventories

You can quite easily manage and track inventory stocks using this software. In case of unavailability or a shortage of inventories, it sends messages and emails to the receiver in order to not disturb any kind of customer relations. Even, choosing and providing tax discounts, and keeping track of products and sale receipts can be easily done via this software. 

Retail Management

When we talk about comparing Intuit vs Square, we must know that Square POS has a better and wide range of features than QuickBooks POS. The availability of bar code scanning labels aids in the tracking of inventories, stocks, and other products. It self-creates consumers’ profiles that help you with all your consumers’ data in a single place.

Online Payment Processing

POS Square has the option of credit card payment transactions. With the help of the purchasing details, tracking and management become easy tasks.


When we talk about Intuit vs Square Pricing, there is a vast difference between them as Square POS  is free of cost for every user across the world. Not even a single penny is taken for setup and configuration. Only the software’s processing fees have to be paid which costs something like 2.6% + 10 ¢ only per tap.

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Comparison: QuickBooks POS vs Square

QuickBooks POS vs Square

Both these apps are tough competition for each other so, it is very difficult to make a choice between them. Being two of the strongest existing payment software, we have given our best efforts to guide you to select the better of the two. Do read more as we have given a comparison of QuickBooks POS vs Square on different levels.

QuickBooks POS vs Square

Intuit QuickBooks POS vs Square: Number of Users

The number of user accounts that can easily access Square POS is way more than QuickBooks. In QuickBooks, only up to 99 user accounts can be accessed while, in Square, more than a thousand users can have access and work on a single account. 


The interface of both the software is user-friendly and easily operable by any type of user. But still, if we go as per the online reviews, then Square POS has a dominant hand on QuickBooks as it is reviewed as a better user-friendly application.

Customer Support

Customer Support of Square POS happens to have a better support and assistance system for customers than QBs POS. Taking online reviews into account, QuickBooks has been a massive failure when it comes to customer satisfaction and providing valuable assistance.


QuickBooks POS vs Square POS pricing details differ a lot, QB POS is for selective users as it is an expensive subscription. Although many advanced features exist, but its high pricing makes this application software less used when compared to Square POS which is free of cost software.

Customer Management

In terms of customer management, QBs POS is way ahead as Square does not give its users any additional features related to customer management that aids in achieving sales targets. 


QuickBooks POS vs Square POS distinguishes a lot in this case. QB POS can only be integrated with the QBs Desktop software. So, in case you are not using this software then you must rethink your decision of working with the QuickBooks software. 

Square POS can be integrated with many applications associated with inventory tracking, appointment scheduling, and financial accounting, etc.

Electronic Signature

Signing digitally online is an additional feature that is only available with Square POS and QB does not have this electronic signature feature within it even though it has an expensive paid subscription with better features.

Hardware Compatibility

Mobiles and smartphones can be connected with Square. At just $10 cost, the user can easily buy hardware from Square, while QB POS hardware is quite expensive and even limited. You will have to additionally buy a barcode scanner, wireless barcode scanner, pin pad, pole display, receipt & tag printer, and Microsoft Surface Pro, etc.

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QuickBooks POS vs Square has been tough competition in the market for each other as QuickBooks POS is an extended version of the QuickBooks software that aids retailers, business firms, and small and medium-sized firms. But Square Point of Sale is a free POS application that aids the users in selling and allowing consumers to buy. It gives a straightforward and real experience in the POS space.

In this post, we have brought together all the essential concepts of QuickBooks and Square, QuickBooks POS vs Square, Intuit vs Square, Square QuickBooks Online, etc. that will surely assist you in making a correct choice on which one is better for your business. We hope that our content was of use to you and for any further assistance, you can also go through our official website to read other QuickBooks-related articles.

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