Physical Inventory Scanner Quickbooks POS: Setup and Installation Manual

Be it medium or large size firms, inventory management is essential for every business operation. QuickBooks POS Inventory Scanner is the tool that deals with effective stock management.

Intuit’s Inventory Scanner for Quickbooks POS is well-equipped with features that organize and update the availability of stocks easily. It allows you to review and rectify the errors even before actually giving the counts to the physical system. This software program secures you from the Manual Inventory Counts that can never be purely error-free.

Today, we will put our focus on all the concepts associated with the QuickBooks POS Inventory Scanner covering all its pricing details and features, tools, etc. Let us now understand this user guide manual and learn together. 

QuickBooks POS Scanner for Inventory

For a booming retail business, your primary focus should be on Inventory management. In medium-scale business, there is a separate department for daily managerial tasks and keeping tabs on the inventory stock availability. But, working with the updated manual record is quite tiresome. Hence the QuickBooks POS Inventory Scanner plays an effective role and eases their work operations. Read below to know more. 

Manages the Order and Improves the Efficiency

Increase the Efficiency

This software manages and organizes the inventory in the correct order. It provides the tracking info and quantity of the inventory items thereby further helping its consumers. All other advanced features improve efficiency and cut down the time involved in management operations.

Set Accurate Delivery Dates

Set Accurate Delivery Dates

QBs Point Of Scale Inventory Scanner is helpful in scheduling the time, date, and status of the order. It also aids in the planning of a precise delivery time and dates as per the availability of product stocks, location for delivery, and other delivery-related data.

Improves the Productivity

The in-built software also helps in cutting down the order fulfillment time frame, gives real-time visibility, etc., and further improves productivity.

Features of Inventory Scanner of QuickBooks POS

It has innovative tools and advanced features. It aids in the management and effortless tracking of inventory stocks. Its features are as follows. 

  • Interface

QuickBooks POS Scanner for Inventory Interface

QB Point Of Sale Scanner offers a user-friendly interface along with being quite handy with respect to its usage. Coupled with its wide range of features, it has a brilliant interface. 

  •  Wireless

Wireless Scanner

QuickBooks POS wireless scanner is a portable device whose advanced features along with its compact nature have certainly helped a lot to be acquired by more and more masses.

  • Warehouse Management

The QBs Point Of Sale Scanner grants the users the ability to track the product’s active location in three base levels such as in racks, rows, boxes, sections, areas, etc. It also corrects the imprecise record info and data, updates the real-time information, and minimizes the issues and possibility of errors.

The scanner provides the inventory data and sends it from one location to another to reduce delays in time and moreover increases efficiency.

  • Inventory Forecasting

The inventory scanner aids in tracking the stock availability, location, and product count stored in the inventory and systemizes the purchase orders, backorders, sales records, and reorder at times of stock shortage.

The in-built software of the scanner has the features that calculate the no. of products required to be kept in stock and place other orders in just a few clicks.

It moreover assists in ordering the perfect quantity of the stocks and thus preventing any type of wastage or extra delivery and shipping fees. By keeping a proper track, it can also deal with the out-of-stock and shortage situation.

  • Track Serial No.

The QuickBooks POS scanner works towards sustainable management by giving serial numbers to the products. It also identifies any types of defects in the products for purposes related to quality assurance. The serial no. tag is also used to track the order of items, stock-out info, and other important details.

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  • Lot Number Tracking

The tracking lot number feature helps the scanner track down the items of the same unit. In case it detects some of the defects then it can easily track down that product lot instead of going through all the products and this proves to be a real-time-saver. Also, each & every user will have a closer eye on the management of his products and units.

  • Real-Time Update Inventory 

The cycle count feature grants the allowance to the users to systemize the inventory without actually shutting down the warehouse units. The QBs POS inventory scanner scans all the data of the product from various warehouses and instantly updates the real-time data. The in-built software of the scanner takes the product counts from different warehouses and all the instant data updates come on a central inventory dashboard. It also adjusts the product’s export and import counts.

  • Vendor’s Information Updates

Vendor Update

The built-in software updates the vendor’s data & other info with its feature of Alternate Vendors Center. It imports, collects, congregates, and segregates all the data of the vendor in a universal place involving the name, contact details, deal pricing, email id, location availability, etc. Using this scanner, it eases the process of gathering all the vendor info and data.

The QuickBooks Point of Sale scanner tracks down other activities related to delivery like shortage of products, delivery time, etc.

  • Customize Inventory Reports

The users can customize the inventory reports for improving insights and business flexibility. It also provides the inventory stocks with regard to the item and the valuation summary and moreover, systemizes and manages the shortage and out-of-stock units.

Using QuickBooks Point Of Sale Inventory Scanner

Using QuickBooks Point Of Sale Inventory Scanner

The Physical Inventory Scanner QBs POS aids the users in scanning the inventory without even uploading the real-time info. The scanner has an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface. If you need this quality scanner then, do as per these steps here.

  • First, fill in the item counts and scan all the items.
  • After the scanning, you have to upload all the data scanned to the POS QuickBooks software.
  • Check and re-verify, and you now will have to review the scanned data in case you want some changes & modifications.
  • Now, save all the data within the Physical Inventory window.
  • After that, Update the product counts with quantities.
  • Once successfully updated, you need to remove the scanned data from the physical inventory scanner unit.

Also, you can use manual entries within the Inventory POS scanner. The user can update the inventory in the easy steps given here. For more, go below. 

  • First, you will have to switch on the scanner.
  • Now, tap continuously on the button Esc till you get the main menu.
  • Tap on the option named Select Data.
  • Choose the option of Scan and fill in the Quantity.
  • After that, you need to scan the barcode of a single item quantity that you are counting. The beep sound coming from the scanner indicates that the scan is successful.
  • Using your Keyboard, type in the no. of the product units. 
  • Tap on the key Enter.
  • Repeat this process continuously for successfully scanning all the required products & items.

Set-up and Installation of the Physical Inventory Scanner of QuickBooks POS

Set-up and Installation of the Physical Inventory Scanner of QuickBooks POS

The set-up and installation of the Scanner is quite a complex process and to counter with its setup, the steps are as follows. Read here and follow the directions carefully.

  1. The power wire of the scanner comes with two end plug points. One for the power source, and the other one connects the cradle of the hardware.
  2. Now, you will have to attach the USB data cable to the cradle of the Physical Inventory Scanner.
  3. The scanner also has a Li-ion charged battery,  and you need to put it inside the scanner while operating it.
  4. After the complete battery setup, you just turn on the scanner and connect it properly with the cradle.

After this scanner set-up, read the points given below and start the installation of this software:

  1. Put the POS CD into the computer CD drive for the CD-ROM.
  2. If the window prompts and launches the wizard setup, then click on the option of Cancel.
  3. To open the set-up, navigate to the tab Setup Wizard coming up on the menu. 
  4. Do as per the screen instructions and steps guiding on the desktop screen and after the successful installation set-up, the Physical Inventory Scanner will be now connected with your device.


Intuit’s Inventory Scanner POS is full of features that systemize and update the inventory stock availability quite easily. It allows you to correct all the errors even before actually taking the counts in the physical inventory system. This program protects you from the Manual Inventory Counts that are not error-free. With this post, we have put together all its features, scanner set-up, and installation, etc. 

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