QuickBooks POS: Hardware Requirements and Setup (Complete List)

QuickBooks Point of Scale is an astonishing software for the business firm owners involved in wholesalers and retail sectors namely food businesses, clothes outlets, and other retail stores, etc. When you are up and going with your business, you need two important things on your side when it comes to booming profitably in your related market: Accuracy and Detailed Analysis. Both these essentials are provided by QBs POS. It further aids in increasing the customers’ base along with better bond and satisfaction that furthermore leads to fewer errors while doing analysis and better productivity.  

Point of Sale is a QuickBooks product and with various updates and features, QuickBooks integrates with the QBs Point of Sale software and hardware easily. But now you will wonder whether any specific hardware requirements are needed for this application. There is just a small limit when we talk about the system requirements. Today we will be guiding you to learn the Quickbooks POS Hardware Requirements and their Setup. Without taking any more of your time, we will begin with our article.     

QuickBooks POS Hardware: System Requirements

QuickBooks POS: System Requirements

QuickBooks Point of Sale System works with free-flow under a certain kind of specifications. These Quickbooks POS Hardware requirements and other specifications are as follows:

Operating System

Operating System

You must know the fact that QB POS works with only some of the operating systems. So, make sure you use the correct versions of the OS before buying any QB subscription. We have given below a list of all the compatible OS that integrates best with the QuickBooks Point of Sale System requirements. 

  • Windows SP1 Server (2011)
  • Windows 8.1 including 64-bit
  • OS Windows Server (2016)
  • Windows 7  Server SP1
  • OS Windows 2008 Server R2 SP2 and SP1 
  • Windows 2012 Server R2
  • Windows 10 (All versions including 64-bit)

System Requirements


Processor needed -> 2GHz minimum (2.8GHz) for Single users

Processor needed -> 2.8GHz processor (3.5GHz) for more than one user

RAM Requirements

Single Users

The minimum RAM requirement of the system is 4 GB. But in case the user needs better functioning and performance in QBs operations then it is recommended to use 6 GB to 8 GB RAM in your system.


The minimum RAM requirement for multiple users is 8 GB of RAM and a processor of more than 3 GHz. You also need a user license along with a similar version of POS copies.

Requirements for Data Import/Export and MS Office Integration

  • Intuit QBs Premier/Pro 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.
  • QBs Desktop Compatibility.
  • MS Office 2010, 2013, or 2016/ MS Office 365  .

POS System: QuickBooks Hardware Requirements

QuickBooks Point of Sale is a brilliant tool for tracking sales, stocks, and inventories, providing security of data, easy transactions & payments, etc. It is a time-saver and thereby, boosting the firm’s productivity. But for its optimal use, you need a compatible hardware system for creating a POS system for your business.

To use its features properly and have a POS system for the retail business, you need hardware equipment that is perfectly compatible with it. Not only it saves time but also boosts productivity. Quickbooks POS Hardware requirements are:

Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro works in integration with QBs POS when we want a portable Point of Sale system. It aids the users in finishing tasks easily such as the generation of reports and bill receipts, making transactions & payments, managing purchases and backorders, and other inventories. 

Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner

Most of the retail outlets use barcode scanners in their work operations. This equipment decreases human errors along with precision in recording data and tracking items. It operates by scanning and reading the info that a barcode carries. 

Cash Drawer

Cash Drawer

A cash drawer is a security measure to the system of Point of Sale. The users keep cash, coins, bills, receipts, and other valuable items. It is connected with a receipt printer that integrates with the cash drawer and operates through receiving signals. It will open only when the payment transaction is successful, so it is a safe and secure option.

Receipt Printer 

Receipt Printer 

Traditional receipt printers are replaced with this modern equipment as QBs POS works with many receipt printers easily It can also be connected with computer systems and you can even print duplicate bills and receipts. This modern scanner has easy compatibility with QB POS. 

Pin Pad and Pole Display

Pin Pad

Pin Pad is handy and portable equipment. It is easily operable during peak hours for accepting payment and transactions via Credit cards and Debit cards.

Pole Display has fluorescent screens and can read the scans by favorable adjustment to different angles. It aids the customers in verifying actual costs before the generation of the invoice bills. 

Card Reader

Card Reader

The card reader is also an important hardware component of QB POS. It is operated by sending accurate card data after processing done through scans.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Are the RAM requirements different for single users and multi-users in QuickBooks POS?

Ans. Yes, RAM requirements are different for single users and multi-users. The minimum RAM requirement of the system is 4 GB and for multi-users, it is 8 GB along with a 3 GHz processor.

Q2. Which type of business sector benefits from QuickBooks POS?

Ans. QuickBooks Point of Sale is used by small and medium-sized businesses for their work operations in wholesale and retail sectors like restaurants, cafes, bars, retail shops, etc.   

Q3. Why do business firms use POS?

Ans. QuickBooks Point of Sale system is used by firms because it provides an easy platform for payments done by customers for the products and other items of a company. It eases the transaction process between the customer and the business firm.

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Final Words

QuickBooks Point of Scale is a brilliant application for business owners coming under retail and wholesale sectors like food outlets, clothes businesses, other retail stores, etc. It provides precision and accuracy along with a detailed analysis of bills. With different updates and other features, QBs integrate well with the QB POS software and hardware. 

In our post, we have brought together all the essential data related to QuickBooks POS Hardware Requirements. You will no longer face any such issues when it comes to hardware setup and we hope our content has been of utmost use to you. If you feel satisfied with us, you can go through other POS articles on our official website. 

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