Learn All About QuickBooks Points of Sale Training and Support | User Manual

QuickBooks is a useful software retail managing software. Hence in this article, we have prepared the QuickBooks Point of Sale Training to maintain and increase the efficiency of the business.

We know that QuickBooks is one of the most essential applications for the owners of small and big businesses. And with every passing year, the software has improved itself by developing various helpful tools and features. QuickBooks also has a guided POS training manual that helps the customers to train and set up the software along with the analysis of existing files.

This article is a guide & training manual of the QuickBooks Point of Sale training.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Tutoring | Why is it Important?

The customers of QuickBooks should have good knowledge about the software. Hence they must have detailed information about the application. The training of the QuickBooks Point of Sale helps you to use it efficiently. We have listed a few important points to understand the tools and features better.

  • QuickBooks Point of SaleReal-time inventory reporting
  • Marketing data
  • Sales, returns, and other customer data
  • Happy customers and Shorter lines
  • Automatic, custom daily reports for better decision making

The QuickBooks Point of Sale is an Intuit product, which will help to integrate the QuickBooks application. The retail managing software allows gifts, clothes, etc. If you are an owner of small and big businesses in the 21st century then the points will help you to better understand the QuickBooks Point of Sales features:

  • The QuickBooks Point of Sale Training permits to trace and manage the knowledge of buying, sales, and also the customers’ particularisation.
  • Using the application the users will minimize the client line which is able to directly increase the customer’s satisfaction.
  • The software also helps to custom and alter the info that ends up ineffective client satisfaction.
  • It permits you to track real-time inventory management with precision.
  • The user can handle and track the data of the business.

There are a few more features that will assist the users to make their work even easier.

  • QuickBooks has useful features that help the company to build revenue and customer pay.
  • The user can also get benefits from the eCommerce data by offering the products offline and online.
  • Modern-day hardware also assists the customers as the gadgets are getting sleeker, smaller, and powerful.

The sales will help to track the inventory in more efficient ways, accept the payments, and manage the offline and online products using QuickBooks Point of Sales.

POS Training and Support

POS Training and Support

If you are someone who is planning to get the subscription of the product but confused about proper data tracking, integration, then we can help you with it. We have experience in helping our clients to use the products also solving different challenges while working on the software. You can count on us to choose the best version of QuickBooks

QuickBooks Online Point of Sale Powered by Revel

QuickBooks Online Point of Sale Powered by Revel

  • Hardware: Epson Receipt Printer, Ingenico IPP350 Pin Pad, 16″ Cash Drawer
  • Price: $2,099 per terminal (iPad included, no additional hardware needed)
  • Monthly fee: $119/m for first terminal, $79.m for second, $49/m for 3rd+ terminals
  • Cloud system
  • Integrated with QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale V.12

QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale V.12

  • Hardware: Magtek USB Card Reader, Star TSP143 Receipt Printer, 16″ Cash Drawer, Honeywell 1330G Barcode scanner
  • Price

-BASIC POS – $1,799 Hardware + Software Bundle (PC not included)

-PRO POS – $2,499 Hardware + Software Bundle (PC not included)

-MULTISTORE POS – $2,699 Hardware + Software Bundle (PC not included)

  • Monthly fee: no monthly fees; OPTIONAL support plan $79/month
  • Desktop-based
  • Integrates with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Accountant, or Enterprise. But users of QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Mac could not use it.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Tutoring | Features

QuickBooks Point of Sale Tutoring | Features

Let’s talk about the features of the QuickBooks Point of Sale training and how they would be useful to you.

  • The application helps in payroll and setup services.
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale tutor will permit you to determine the software to correct business.
  • Using the tutoring session, the user would be ready to use the balance entries.
  • The user will assist to track and handle the data.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Online Training

QuickBooks Point of Sale Online Training

  1. Firstly, the coaching manual can assist you to grasp the code and its options.
  2. When you would get a bit aware of the options, you’ll be able to then learn to create your inventory and company file.
  3. After that, it’d introduce you to the various ways to sell the merchandise that you simply have added to your inventory.
  4. You can conjointly find out how to trace the purchasers shopping for the merchandise.
  5. Further within the manual, you’ll learn to reorder the merchandise that square measure being sold and want to buy from the seller.
  6. The manual also will offer you complete steering to achieve insight into your business concerning the profit/ loss knowledge, inventory storage, and plenty of a lot of. This helps the user to stay all the records of the business at their fingertips.
  7. If you’re managing over one store at a time, the QuickBooks purpose of Sale coaching manual can offer superintendence on the multi-store configuration.
  8. You will learn to customize the options of the code.
  9. The manual also will assist you to use worker logins, and security rights feature to guard the QuickBooks purpose of Sale records.

The troubleshooting guide of the QuickBooks Point of Sale training will increase the productivity of the business and also intensify efficiency. Follow the guided training manual to get the whole manual.

  1. Go to the official website of QuickBooks.
  2. Look for the choice QuickBooks POS Training.
  3. Then click on the button.
  4. After that, you’ll land on a page that is split into 9 elements.
  5. Choose your option accordingly.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Video Tutorials

QuickBooks Point of Sale Video Tutorials

Firstly, we will talk about the QuickBooks Point of Sales training video. You can easily access the video tutorials from the official website. The training session is divided into giving three parts:

  1. Account Management
  2. Banking
  3. Expenses and Videos

Account Management

In the video training session, you will get the feature Account Management. It will allow the user to track the records very efficiently. The feature helps to edit the details of the customer like the user ID, phone number, email, etc. Using the Account Management feature one can deactivate and activate the verification. The following are some topics under the feature Account Management:

  • Track and setup the inventory in QuickBooks Online
  • Learn to set up a contractor
  • Make billable expenses
  • Pay and enter bills
  • Print and recordChecks
  • Use envelopes
  • Track Payment, Bills, and Transactions
  • Pay and Track Sales
  • Record Inventory Products and many more.


In the banking section, the user will learn ways to manage the transaction and account linking procedure of the vendors. The Banking feature will allow the user to achieve a cashless transaction medium with customers and vendors. Under the Banking section, you can get the following points:

  • Connect to your credit cards and bank accounts
  • Add accounts to the charts of accounts
  • Guide to upload the transactions
  • How to categorize transactions
  • Record bank deposits
  • Enter the expense without a linked bank
  • How to track invoice payment (using undeposited funds)
  • How to Reconcile an Account: Statements & Records, & More, etc.

Expenses and Vendors

The user can use the QuickBooks Point of Sale to track the transaction data and manage all the details of the customers/ vendors at their finger points. The QuickBooks POS training would help the active users to understand the following points:

  • Calculate sales tax using QuickBooks Online
  • Use QuickBooks Advanced to track expenses
  • Maintain sales tax payments
  • Learn about Online Bill Pay
  • QuickBooks Online app features, and many more.

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Final Words!

QuickBooks is an amazing software if the users can use it properly. Therefore the QuickBooks Point of Sale training helps you to understand and learn the software effortlessly. We are hoping that the article helped you to learn some important features. If you found it informative then share it with your friends and team members. If you still have some kind of confusion then contact the support team of QuickBooks. Check out other QuickBooks-related articles on the website.

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