QuickBooks Data File Repair Guide: Everything You Need To Know

QuickBooks File Repair diagnoses a QBW file after the identification of the corrupted files in the system. QuickBooks is an accounting management software accessed by start-ups, management firms, and small or medium-sized businesses for making easy work operations and tracking the finances, payments, transactions, and management of stocks and other important data. Also, this software is easier to use for users with low technical knowledge.

As we know it is an easy-to-use application but one issue that arises with the QB File is when you get problems related to damaged and temporary QBs Files. In case you are also witnessing any such issue then this article will prove to be a knowledge booster for you. We will talk about all the tools and different software for recovering and fixing the damaged files and folders.

QuickBooks Data FIle Repair

QuickBooks Data File Repair: Brief Introduction

QuickBooks Data File has a big database and it does not have any programs. It is quite easy to order the files if the files are under 200MB and to keep the newer data in an accessible directory location for future use. This software could not keep the data in line when the size of the file is more than 200MB. The user can also have problems in case the assets are not balanced with the total Equity and Liabilities. The damaged or corrupted file will appear when you start comparing different data. Account Payable & Receivable, Net income, Transactions, and other info. data are used for comparing the original & corrupted files.

Other than providing you with incorrect information, the corrupted files also have additional issues in case it is in synchronization with the reporting programs. You can also get wrong data files when the automatic sync managers are connected with the QuickBooks Desktop software.

You can now resolve the problems very quickly by using tools like QuickBooks File Repair. This QB desktop tool detects the broken files and then rectifies the issues and glitches without changing the size of the files.

Find Corrupted Data Before QuickBooks File Repair

There are a few ways used to find broken and damaged files. To identify these files, you just have to keep in mind the points given below.

QuickBooks Desktop Software Crash

In case this application software crashes suddenly or freezes during downloading or installing any software updates. Then there is a high possibility that your system has some broken and damaged data files hidden.

Issues While Using the QuickBooks Company File

If you are having any technical problems while using the QuickBooks Data File then the data files being accessed are damaged or corrupted. If the system data is corrupt, then you cannot use the system in multi-user mode.

Backup Restore Failure

You will get error text messages and other pop-ups when you try to restore a backup of QBs company file saying: 

Restore Failed. This is an Invalid Format of a Post 2007 QBs Backup File.

Error: Restore Failed. Can’t remove the log file.

Error: Failed.

Incorrect QuickBooks Desktop Balance Sheet

Incorrect Balance Sheet

The equity and liabilities sum is not in the correct balance with the sum of total assets. The difference between them indicates that the balance sheet is not in the correct balance.

Accounts’ Changes Results 

In case you have modified the Account’s changes to a QBDT Company File, then you will receive some unexpected results and errors. These problems can also happen due to the change in the due date of the Accountant’s copy transactions.

Data Utility Error

The QB users also get the errors like “A data problem prevents QuickBooks from continuing” during the Data Utility verification on their computer screen or QBwin.log file.

Transaction History Error

Many times, the Transaction History can show a negative balance.

Corrupted data in QuickBooks is available in many forms. A user should know that anything that seems strange or different in its operations while operating the software is an indication of QuickBooks being damaged. We have provided the methods to troubleshoot the problems. In case you are also witnessing any similar issues while using QBs then you need to read further and use these methods. 

Avoiding Data File Corruption

There are some steps given that will guide you to tackle issues arising from the corrupted company files.

Backing up Multiple Data Files:

Backing up Multiple Data Files

Create multiple backups of the data files and folders, and then keep all of them.

Condensing the QBs Files:

Condensing the QBs Files

You can diagnose files irrespective of their size be it big or small but the big files can cause some problems while opening the Data file. You can condense the files via the QuickBooks Condense Data utility.

Professional Servers and Workstations Use:

It will aid you in optimizing the software performance by putting a restriction on the software from switching off suddenly.

Fixing the Quickbooks File That Won’t Open

After you have detected the broken and damaged files, you can solve the issues through the QuickBooks File Repair software. So, let us now learn the methods used to repair the QBs Files.

Method 1: Verify and Rebuild Data

This tool helps you in identifying the errors and broken QBs Data Files. The Verify and Rebuild Data Utility diagnoses the QBs issues in the company data file.

Rebuild the Data

Rebuild the Data

  • Hit on the option named File.
  • Go to the option of Utilities and then the Rebuild Data option.
  • Click on OK in the Information window of QuickBooks.
  • After you have done the above steps, click on Yes in case the ‘Save a Backup’ message prompts up on the screen.
  • After the Rebuild process, tap on OK again.
Verify the Data

Verify the Data

  • Click on the option named File and then the option Utilities.
  • A message displays as “QuickBooks detected no problem with your data.” and click OK after it.
  • For finding the issues in the company file, Check helps and click on the option of View Error or the Rebuild Now option.
  • As the data is fixed, click on Close.
  • You can also use the QuickBooks File Doctor (QBFD) tool for fixing this issue.

The Rebuild Data tool causes damage that sometimes seems unrepairable in the company file. 

Many times, the user will not get the desired result.

Method 2: Specialized Software Use for File Repair

Via better software usage of QuickBooks File Repair Tool, it will guide you in tackling the problems quickly and the broken company files will troubleshoot instantly. Stellar Repair for QuickBooks was created for searching the corrupted files in the system software and then solving the problem in the best way possible.

Stellar Repair for QuickBooks

Software Features

The software provides assistance in diagnosing all the QBs-related errors in QuickBooks Data File Repair.

It also keeps a backup of the QBW files including vendors, companies, customers, and employees’ data.

Also, make use of the software as an advanced repairing tool from the QBs Backup (QBB) file.

You can even see the previews of the backed-up file records of QBW.

The Stellar Repair for QuickBooks assists in rectifying the corrupted and junk data files.

QuickBooks File Repair Software Use
  • Choose the damaged file that you want to fix.
  • After that, do a  scan of the files and folders and then, watch the preview of the backed-up QBW file records.
  • After the above steps, keep the recovered data file in a directory location that is easily accessible.

Before subscribing to the paid version of the software, try the 30-day free version. Make sure that the tool is functioning, working, and operating properly for resolving the problems. After you are satisfied, you can consider buying the software now.

Method 3: Repairing the Corrupted Files via the Use of Free Tools

Every user can use the free tools for fixing the QBs Files and recovering them from the system.

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

This Intuit diagnostic tool, QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool, works in troubleshooting installation issues and problems. Also called the QBInstall tool, it has many advantages as it solves a lot of QBs errors.


This tool will solve the issue of “QuickBooks has stopped working.”

It also searches out the problem all by itself and then fixes the issues with the C++, MAXML, .NET framework, and other QBs components.


It only provides a limited recovery of the error.

QuickBooks File Doctor

QuickBooks File Doctor

QuickBooks File Doctor (QBFD) is an essential QBs File Repair software. This software aids in solving the built-in issues and repairing the corrupted QBs company files. The QuickBooks File Doctor tool identifies the errors and then diagnoses them through the use of a multi-user environment setup.


QuickBooks File Doctor (QFD) troubleshoots many types of errors like Error 103, H202, Error Code 6147, QBs Error 6144, QuickBooks Error 6189, etc.


The file size cannot exceed the 2GB limit for its effective working.

QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery

QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery

QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery (ADR) is a QBs software that allows the user to recover the damaged, corrupted, or lost data of the QuickBooks files and folders.


You can easily recover the lost transactions of the user’s data file.


You cannot back up the transactions if they are not kept up to date.

Winding Up

QuickBooks File Repair is used for diagnosing a QBW file after the identification of the corrupted files in the system. In this post, we have included all the detailed aspects related to repairing the errors related to the QuickBooks File Repair damage. We are quite optimistic that these methods above have been of great use to you and are no longer in trouble. Still, you are in some trouble, you can take further assistance from our other QuickBooks-related article published on the website.

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