QuickBooks File Doctor Guide- Fix File and Network Issues

We all need doctors right? So does Quickbooks. Unlike us humans, QuickBooks has a QuickBooks company file diagnostic tool namely Quickbooks File Doctor, that cures its sickness so that it does not have to call in for sick leaves. Duh! Pun intended. No wonder why Quickbooks keeps itself in such good shape, it’s because the Quickbooks file doctor is a magnificent tool that has great potential. The QuickBooks file doctor is a doctor that can eradicate issues related to the network, corrupted or damaged files, connectivity, etc within a matter of time. It can also give alerts to the user, concerning security or privacy threats. Long story short, it is a tool that every Quickbooks user should possess in order to keep themselves more secure and efficient. 

It seems like you are very intrigued in knowing more about this brilliant tool. Kudos! You are at the right place for it. In this article, we will discuss everything related to this behemoth of a tool. From how to download it to how to make the best use of it. Literally everything! Everything under the sun that concerns the Quickbooks File doctor. So without further ado, let’s hope on that journey van. 

So, first things first. Before you know what this error is, you need to know what Quickbooks is – Quickbooks is an accounting software package developed by Intuit. It can deal with all your transactions, bill payments, tax reminders, tax calculations, and many more. Quickbooks majorly concentrates on small & medium-sized enterprises to provide and incorporate cloud-based accounting applications that are capable of accepting business payments, bill payments, and payroll functions.  Quickbooks surely follows the rule stitch the time saves the nine. 

What is Quickbooks file Doctor?

Have you heard of the QuickBooks tool hub? If not, the QuickBooks tool hub is an application that has consolidated all the different types of tools that are capable of resolving a number of errors and issues that may come up while using the Quickbooks Desktop. Quickbooks File Doctor is actually a part of the Quickbooks tool hub.

The QuickBooks tool hub has 6 tools that govern the issues like Network, Program Problems, Installation, Password reset.  When the user has to face any of the issues or errors related to the company files then Quickbooks file doctor is your savior. The Quickbooks file doctor situates inside the Company files issues tab of the Quickbooks Tool Hub. 

The purpose of the file doctor is to eliminate any issue that is related to the company files. If the company file that you intend to open exists in another network-connected computer, then you have to launch the file doctor to resolve the issue within minutes. Though, you cannot use the file doctor for other purposes that are not related to the company files. If you have other issues like network or password, there are separate tabs for that.  

Different versions of the Quickbooks File Doctor

There are certainly two types of file doctor tool which are available on Intuit’s official website. The versions are:

  • Already in-built file doctor tool 

  • The stand-alone version

The stand-alone version of the Quickbooks file doctor is only for the servers that have enabled the Quickbooks database server manager. In this article, we will discuss majorly discuss the in-built file doctor version. 

What is in-built QBFDT?

The in-built Quickbooks file doctor tool is the tool that enables the users to fix the issues and errors related to the company files. It also helps in bugs with the network and also repairs the issue after the diagnosis. The windows 7,8,10, and the servers between the years 2003 and 2012 can only use this version of the QBDFT. QBDFT does not support the Mac version of Quickbooks. It only supports Quickbooks 2016 Desktop and later versions.

How to download Quickbooks file doctor tool?

Quick books file doctor repair

Now that we know how thoughtful this tool is, let’s move on to the section where we will understand how to acquire this tool. 

  • To get this tool first of all close the Quickbooks desktop software.

  • Now, go to Intuit’s official website and download Quickbooks Tool Hub

  • Install the tool hub, it is pretty easy to install, all you have to do is follow the instructional window. You have to agree to the terms and conditions. Yay! you are almost done.

  • After installation, save the extension file .exe on your Windows desktop.

  • Great! You have successfully downloaded the Quickbooks Tool hub software.

You have installed the software but do not forget to check that you have updated the vital Microsoft components and frameworks necessary for the smooth run of the Quickbooks Tool hub. 

Working of Quickbooks File Doctor Tool

Two methods can be used for the smooth functioning of the Quickbooks file doctor, you just have to decide which is the best one for you.

Method 1:

  • When the installation of the Quickbooks Tool Hub is complete, you have to go to the company file issues tab. Just simply click this tab. 

  • In the Company issues tab, you have to navigate to the Quickbooks File doctor and choose it.

QB File Doctor

  • You may have to wait a few mins, it will surely open up automatically. 

  • If the file doctor is not getting opened then you can simply search Quickbooks Desktop File Doc and in the results, you will find it. Just click on it. This is the manual method of opening it. 

  • When the QFD gets launched then you have to select the company file from the list. 

  • If you do not see the company file, you can use the Browser and Search tab to find the file. 

  • Now, you have to navigate to the Check your file option and press on Continue. 

  • In this step, the user has to put in the Password. After entering it just click on the Next button.

  • After doing all this, the scanning of the files will start automatically and it will take a few moments. Also, it will automatically fix the issue that you have been facing with the company files. 

  • When the tool is done with the scanning, you can simply open the Quickbooks Desktop software and check for the company file and open it. 

This was the first method of running the Quickbooks file Doctor. There is another method through which you can run the application. This method enables the user to function the program manually. Let’s have a look at that. 

Method 2:

  • After installation of the Tool Hub start it from the taskbar of your computer.

  • It’s time for you to Click on QuickBooks Tool Hub.

  • Now, select the Company File section.

  • You have to find your company file that has an error in the browser section. Select the file.

  • After doing that you will see the QB file Doctor button, hit on this to start scanning.

  • Also, check the box with file damage written on it. 

  • Now, you have to click on Ok.

  • In case you have secured your file with password protection, you will have to fill in the login credentials – your user name and password. 

  • In the very next window that will pop up, you will see two options. One is to open the company file in the older version of Quickbooks and the other one will be to repair the file for the current version. 

  • You have to choose the repair the file option current version option and simply click on Next.

  • It will take a few moments for the process to complete. Till then, sit back and chillax.

  • After the process gets completed, the software will ask you which version you want the file to be opened in. You can choose this yourself, it’s up to you. 

  • At last, just click the Open Quickbooks tab.

  • Your file will get opened and hopefully, it has been fixed. 

This was the second method, you have to choose from either one of the two methods according to your convenience. Both of these methods are super easy. It also recommended doing each and every step carefully to ensure the safety of your company file. Any little mistake may lead to big chaos and errors.

Are there any drawbacks of Quickbooks file doctor?

  • Like every other colossal repairing software, Quickbooks file doctor also has some drawbacks and limitations.

  • A very strong connection to the internet is required for downloading and uploading the Quickbooks files in manual repairing. 

  • The maximum file size that has been allotted to a file is only 2GB.

  • To run the tool you always have to login as an administrator and then only you will be able to perform the diagnosis of any network-related issue.

  • Another drawback of this tool is that there is no option to turn off the network diagnosis and Quickbooks file repair. It has been turned on by default.

How does the in-built file doctor work?

  • The in-built version of the file doctor works a little bit differently and here we are gonna see how that works. It is important to note that the below-mentioned steps are only for the in-built version and not for the other version. 

  • Initially just simply open the Quickbooks desktop and don’t open the company files yet.

  • Now you have to go to the menu where the File has been written. Click on this and look for the option named Utilities.

  • Here you will see a tab named Repair file and Network problems. This will allow the user to launch the file doctor in the in-built version. 

  • The next step is to browse through the window and find the company file that the user intends to open. The file will be diagnosed and you just have to select the open option.

  • After doing that the user will see an option named Show Advanced settings, you have to select it. 

  • You will see a bunch of options and issues to choose from. Select the most pertinent and legit situation that you have been facing. Now, just simply go on to the Diagnose file option. 

How to solve Network issues using QuickBooks file doctor?

The Quickbooks file doctor is a powerful software that is capable of fixing both company file issues and network issues. As we have already talked about how to deal with and resolve issues with the company files, it is time for us to move on to the next important issue, which is the network issue.

Firstly, before starting this section of issues you have to turn on all the hosting modes, in case it has been turned off.  The user can access all the files after doing this.

Multi-user mode

Hosting is the process through which the user enables a company file to be accessed on multiple servers apart from the main server. The Quickbooks Desktop 2020 version uses the service QuickBooksDB30, the Quickbooks Desktop 2019 uses the service Quickbook DB29, and the Quickbooks Desktop 2018 uses the service QuickBooksDB28. 

Each service is different and for you to figure out more about the service you can make use of the below steps:

  • The first step is to open the Windows Control Panel on your device.

  • Now, navigate to user accounts and then find the required service.

  • You just have to choose the most appropriate service for your Quickbooks Desktop version.

Classes of Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

  • For setting up dedicated hosting it has to be checked if the host and the server both are established properly. 

  • It also required that the Quickbooks data manager is installed and no other user is using Quickbooks in the host server. 

  • It is also vital to check if the hosting is turned off in the other workstations and the main workstation.

Peer to Peer

  • In this type of hosting it is crucial to note that the server which is hosting is constantly turned on. 

  • Quickbooks have to be installed on the host server and the users have to use the Quickbooks on the Host computer.

  • In other workstations, the hosting has to be turned off and the Quickbooks should be installed.

Alternate Hosting

  • In this hosting, QuickBooks has to be installed in the host server and among other workstations. 

  • QuickBooks can only be accessed in the host server in this type of hosting.

  • All the company files are stored in the data server.

Accessing company files

There are certain conditions that have to be fulfilled in order to access company files. Some of them are as given below:

The company file can always be legit fully opened in the database server mode.

The user should have the windows administration permission to use the file with complete access. It actually includes the full permission to modify and create files.

All the QuickBooks users must have different login id and passwords. This ensures the security and privacy of each user. 

Software Update

It is always recommended to back your company files before the diagnosis in order to avoid any data loss. Also if you are not being able to resolve your issue it is recommended that you check if your windows are up to date or not.

If not, then it is vital to update to the latest version. This may help in fixing any bug that is happening because of software incompetence. 

Which errors can be fixed?

There are a lot of errors that can be solved using the Quickbooks file doctor. It has multiple error detection tools. Whenever you see an error with the following error code then you can use the file doctor to rectify it.

Error 6150, Error 6000, Error 82, Error 6000,  Error 305, Error 6000, Error 301, Error 6147, and Error 6130.

Whenever there is an error which is among the above-mentioned error code then the first choice should be File Doctor. It can save you a lot of time because otherwise, you will have to wander around the internet searching for the answers to these error codes separately. With the help of File Doctor, you can easily rectify these errors within no time.

Is Quickbooks file doctor the right choice?

The QuickBooks tool hub is like an arsenal with different loaded weapons and the file doctor is the most deadly weapon among all the weapons. The file doctor is one of the most powerful tools within the tool hub and in most cases can rectify the error by itself. The specialty of this tool is that it is very quick. Unlike other repairing tools the file doctor does not take much time in scanning and repairing the error or issue that the user has been facing. So, according to Intuit itself, you should not be wasting time searching for different solutions for different issues. Instead, you should give this all in one package a try to rectify your error. This will not only save a lot of time for you but will also help your user experience more elegant and poised. 

How much does this software cost?

This software is completely free because Intuit believes that it should not charge additional money to its users for the errors in the Quickbooks desktop software. So, yes this is completely free software that can be used by users who are facing issues with their company files.


You must have seen in this article, the Quickbooks file doctor is software within the Quickbooks tool hub. Isn’t that cool? Two in one software package. Most people are confused about it but we hope this article will help everyone get rid of that confusion. Quickbooks file doctor is a combined repair tool that consists of two tools that are the repair tool and the network tool. 

We hope we could help you out in downloading and installing the software. Also, we have explained how this tool functions, you will surely have a much clearer and broader picture of the Quickbooks file doctor. You may also have rectified the issue that you have been facing with your company file. We are happy that we could help with it.

If your issue still exists then it is advised that you contact the helpline number of Quickbooks. Do not hesitate to seek help, because it is only the experts that can provide expert advice. Also, follow this guide to Download and install Quickbooks Web Connector.

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