Methods to resolve Quickbooks error PS077

Quickbooks is great as accounting software but at certain times we have to experience some types of errors.  Quickbooks error PS077 is a payroll error that occurs in Quickbooks. These errors can be overwhelming and one such error is the Quickbooks error PS077 – this is an error that the user might have to face during the payroll functions, most commonly when the user is downloading the payroll-related updates. It can be a frustrating mood-boggler because the user might be in a hurry to tackle down their day-to-day tasks and Quickbooks error PS077 flies in as a catastrophe. Luckily, this error can easily be fixed ~ all you have to do is to follow each and every step discussed in this article carefully with astounding precision. 

Quickbooks error PS077 is a payroll error that disables the user’s ability to carry out payroll functions smoothly, the user will see an error message stating that the QB desktop is having an issue while installing the payroll tax table update. Though this might look like a very critical error, the solution to it is not that difficult. Before knowing how to resolve Quickbooks error PS077 the user must understand why this error occurs in order to avoid it in the future. So, without further delay let’s jump straight into it. 

Causes of Quickbooks error PS077Quickbooks Error Ps077

There are certain reasons that can cause this error to occur in the first place, if these reasons are understood well then there are cent percent chances that you can dodge this error from happening in the future. Let’s see what they are.

  • In most cases, the reason is that the payroll folder is corrupt or has been damaged. 
  • The file called the components tax table is invalid or is broken.
  • Your Quickbooks desktop has not been registered. 
  • The billing information is incorrect or has been outdated. 
  • The company files of the Quickbooks are missing or have been damaged. 

Now we know what causes this error to occur but how can the user realize that this error is occurring? Well, let’s unfold that chapter too. 

Indications of Quickbooks error PS077

There are a number of signs that will portray that Quickbooks is facing error PS007. Have a look at them.

  • The user is not being able to download the updates of payroll.
  • The tax table doesn’t get updated or is showing a delay during the update. 
  • An error message with the error code PS077 shows up every time you try to open a company file or the application itself. 
  • The Quickbooks software hangs and doesn’t respond in time. 
  • This error also affects the performance of your device.

Solving error Quickbooks Error PS077

This error can be resolved easily if the user follows each method one by one. You don’t have to try every method, just move on if one particular method doesn’t work for you. 

Method: 1 Configure Security Software

If the user has MacAfee anti-virus software installed in their system then they must follow these steps:

  • The user must cease the real-time scanning attribute in MacAfee, after that try downloading your payroll update function. After doing this if you are being able to update then just skip the next point and do the one after it. Otherwise, move to the next one. 
  • Restart your system and then switch to safe mode. Try downloading the payroll updates, if it worked out fine for you then just move on to the very next step.

QB Error Code ps077

  • The user must configure their MacAfee software in such a manner that Quickbooks never has trouble in updating the payroll. If these steps didn’t work out for you it is recommended to move to method number 2.

Method: 2 Update Quickbooks SoftwareQuickbooks Error Code ps077

In this method, the user is required to update their Quickbooks software to the latest version. You can download the software from the official website of Intuit. 

Method: 3 Update Account Information

You have to make sure if your billing information is appropriately correct or not. If not, then you have to change it to the correct one. 

Method: 4 Repair Quickbooks Files

This method advises that the user repairs their QB desktop software. The user has to make sure that the data files are up to date. 

Method: 5 Turn-off UAC

The user has to turn their Windows User Account Control or UAC. After turning UAC off, the user will have to update the software. 

Method: 6 Re-install Quickbooks Desktop

In this method, the user has to update their license information. To do this, just open your QB software and then press the F2 key, you will see a new window. Now, you have to jot down the QB license number. This number will be required when you are reinstalling your QB software. There is a chance that the company files are damaged. In order to eliminate them the user has to uninstall the QB software and then re-install it. 

Method: 7 Uninstall Older Version Of QuickbooksQuickbooks Error Code Ps077

You have to examine whether there are more than one version of QB is installed in their system. If it does, you have to remove the older version. 

If the user has more than one version of the software installed in their system then they will have to follow the below-mentioned steps to rectify the error. 

  1. Initially, the user will have to back all their data including the company files. You may not want to lose any of these precious data while rectifying the error. 
  2. If any applications are running then just simply shut them all.
  3. You have to open the control panel on your computer. 
  4. Now, go to programs and features and navigate to add or remove applications.
  5. You will see a wide range of applications. You just have to look for any multiple versions of Quickbooks. If you find any just right-click on it and select uninstall. If you don’t see any you don’t have to follow the steps are discussed below. 
  6. After selecting uninstall the user will see an installation wizard. 
  7. In the installation wizard, the user will have to click on Next and then on the remove button, again click on Next. 
  8. The user will see that the error message contains an option to go online and update the QB software, You can click on it. 
  9. Also, if your data file is located on a server then you will have to eliminate all the other workstations and then try updating the payroll function on your main device.  

If the user doesn’t have more than one QB desktop software then they can try a clean install of the Quickbooks desktop software. Now after updating Quickbooks the user will have to download the latest payroll table. 


After trying all these above-mentioned processes the user will have to check if the error is still persisting or not. Hopefully, your error has been rectified. These methods are highly powerful and have the potential to eradicate the error PS007. If done properly these will surely demolish the error and you will be able to use the Quickbooks software again smoothly. In case, You have encountered Quickbooks Update Error 1603 then you can make use of the Quickbooks Install Diagnostic Tool to fix it. 

If you are still facing the issue then you should contact the customer care support number of Quickbooks. The efficient team will surely help you in dealing with this error.

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