Simple Guide To Troubleshoot Quickbooks Error H202

Quickbooks error H202 is a multi-user error. It occurs in the multi-user mode and shows an error that the multi-user connection with the server has been terminated. The H202 error implies that the company file is located on another computer and cannot be accessed from the user’s computer. It also shows that the server needs help connecting. This means the user fails or is denied to open a file that is located on another computer.

This error can happen sometimes and it is largely due to connectivity issues. The Quickbooks server is not able to connect with the original file location and is having trouble opening the file. In this case, the multiple usages of the same file are restricted due to security reasons.

So, first things first. Before you know what this error is, you need to know what Quickbooks is – Quickbooks is an accounting software pack developed by Intuit. Quickbooks majorly concentrates on small & medium-sized enterprises to provide and incorporate cloud-based accounting applications that are capable of accepting business payments, bill payments, and payroll functions.

Quickbooks Error H202

Reasons for QuickBooks Error H202

There are several reasons why this error occurs but majorly it all revolves around communication and connectivity issues so let’s take a look at what they are. 

  • The settings of hosting have not been configured.
  • The firewall software is putting a halt to the data exchange between two QuickBooks servers.
  • The settings of the Domain Name System have not been established in the right form.
  • Unavailability of the Host’s and the server’s IP address to the Quickbooks Desktop.
  • The two vital connectivity services of the Quickbooks i.e QBFC Monitor and QuickbooksDBXX are not functioning properly.
  • A major file called .nd file is missing or has been corrupted

Signs of Quickbooks error H202

  • The error H202 is not very difficult to spot, you may understand there is something wrong when you see any of the following things seem to happen. 
  • The user is not being able to switch to the multiple-user mode of Quickbooks. 
  • Not being able to access a company file that is located on another computer or device. 
  • An error window with the message stating error H202 pops on your computer screen.
  • The Quickbooks software gets hanged at incessant intervals
  • The computer becomes slow and inactive.  

Troubleshooting Methods Of Quickbooks Error H202

There are a lot of ways through which you can resolve this issue. Many of them comprise connectivity solutions as this is an error concerning the communication of the Quickbooks server. You may try each one of them until and unless you find the right one. Also, you have to sign in as an administrator while trying these solutions. Without further ado let’s hop onto the solutions.  

Method: 1 Alert the Server

You are required to open the run window in the device where the error is projecting. Now, you have to enter CMD in the text field given and then just click on OK. The next step is to ping the server from your device – for this, you just have to type in ping_(server name)  and press enter. You don’t have to put the server name in brackets while performing this, it is just for instructional purposes. If you are getting an error on multiple devices you have to carry out the same task on all of them. 

If you are getting a late reply and you are noticing a loss in packet data then this means there is some issue with the network and it requires repair. You can simply move on to the next solution in that case. 

Method: 2 Diagnosing using QB file doctor for Quickbooks error H202


Quickbooks error H202 - Diagnosing using Quickbooks file doctor

To carry out this solution you will have to download the Quickbooks file doctor from the website of Intuit. This software is a dynamic tool with powerful features, It can troubleshoot and fix the errors like H202 in just a matter of time. If this doesn’t work out successfully, you may move on to the next step. 

Method:3 QB database server manager

The initial step is to go to the server and click the Windows start menu. You have to type in the word Database in the search bar. A list of search results will appear and you have to select QuickBooks Database Server Manager. Just navigate to the folder which contains the company files, choose the folder and press the start scan button. QBDBSM automatically fixes the firewall permissions. The scan will take a few minutes and when the scan is over just click on the close button. Now, you have to open QB on all the computers that have the H202 error.


QuickBooks Database Server Manager

On QB you have to go to the File menu and have to click on it, just switch to the multi-user mode and see if you can use this mode. If you are being able to use it then congratulations you have found the solution. Otherwise, try out the next process.

Method:4 Verifying Services

If you are using the full version of Qb you have to switch to the multi-user hosting mode. To do this go on to open File on QB and go to utilities, here just navigate to Host multi-user access and click on it.

In this solution process what we are doing is, we are verifying the status of Quickbooks DBXX and QBCF Monitor Service with the network of the server. To perform this, you have to go to the window that is running and you have to write services.msc in the text bar.

Verifying Services

Now, click on QuickBooksDBXX from the results that appear. You have to look for startup type and if it’s not automatic by default you will have to switch it to automatic. Check if your Service status – check if it’s running or not, if it’s not running you may have to make it. Now just go on to the recovery tab and click on it, navigate to the drop-down menus and look for first, second, and subsequent failures. Now just select the Restart option and choose to apply. Click Ok.

For QBFC you have to do the same process again.

Method:5 Adding QuickBooksDBXX and QBCFMonitorService

In this process, you have to add QuickBooksDBXX and QBCFMonitorService to the admin group.  These two services should have admin permissions in the QB server otherwise you will get the error. If it has not been granted permission then you have to change it on the server. 

Method:6 Firewall Settings

There is a huge chance that a firewall might be blocking the data exchange between the servers of QB. You can remove this blockade by following these steps. 

The first is creating a few exceptions in the firewall, you can also make changes to the permissions of the firewall and try opening the Quickbooks desktop. You have to switch to the multi-user mode for checking if the error still exists or not. 

Method:7 Adding Server

In this solution process, the user has to add a server in the windows host file.  To do this, firstly, you have to close the windows concerning Quickbooks. Now on the server, navigate through C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc or C:\Windows\Syswow64\Drivers\Etc and you have to click the host file two times. Type in the IP address and your computer’s name on it. You have to do the same process on all the devices which have these errors. Finally, just check if the error still exists by opening the Quickbooks Desktop.  

Method:8 A new folder for QuickBooks files 

This is the final solution that you can try out. If nothing worked out for you then this might be it. Make a new folder on the server and the permissions have to be changed in order to share the data between this new folder and the QB company files. Now, the file called .qbw  has to be copied to the new folder. The Quickbooks company file has to be opened in multi-user mode and check if the error H202 is still persisting. Hopefully, it has to be rectified. 

Final words

Hopefully, the error H202 has been rectified in the server by these solutions. These are the most effective and plausible solutions that can be used to eradicate these types of errors. Every error has to be dealt with in a different manner, and the approach to each of them is very different. Carry out the processes of these solutions carefully and it should resolve the H202 error. If even after trying out all these solutions you tend to experience this error then it is recommended that you contact the helpline number of Intuit. You will be assisted and will be guided on how to resolve this problem. Also, it is highly recommended that the user keep on checking the connectivity of these devices which tend to have the error H202, it will help in avoiding the error in the future. 

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