Quickbooks error 80070057 [Incorrect Parameter]: How To Fix(Solved)

The Quickbooks error 80070057 is an error that occurs in the QB software when the user operates and creates a company file in the 2014 version of Quickbooks. This error can also be encountered when the user tries to open the same file, usually, an error message box stating that this file has been created in an earlier version of Quickbooks pops up.  This is a clear sign that the company file is having the error 80070057 while attempting to open this file. The frustrating part of this error is that the user is blocked from editing the file, also, the user does not have the right to create new company files.

These kinds of errors are agitating especially when you are trying to create a new company file, you might be in a hurry, you may have to conduct transactions and use payrolls, this could be the single piece of obstacle that you have to tackle down to get this day. Well, with the help of this article we will help you to figure out how you can demolish this error. So, without further ado let’s jump into that. 

Albeit before figuring out how to resolve this error you need to understand what this error is, so the first thing first, what is error 80070057? 

What Is Quickbooks error 80070057?

Long story short, this is an error that happens because the user is not having enough permissions to access the file, a message box appears on the user’s screen stating the error code, and a message that states the same. In order to resolve error 80070057, we will have to figure out what the reasons are that are causing this error to occur in the first place. 

What causes Quickbooks error 80070057?Quickbooks error 80070057

In most common cases this error is encountered by the users while accessing Multi-user configuration, which means when the company file is tried to access from a system that is situated on a web server or a host computer. Let’s see a list of possible causes of Quickbooks error 80070057. 

  • The first reason and the most common one is the firewall is blocking the Quickbooks application. 
  • The user’s internet security settings could cause this error. 
  • The network data or.ND file is corrupted broken, this will disable the working of portable files.
  • The company file is damaged, which could have happened at the time of installing Quickbooks Desktop. 
  • The setup files of Quickbooks have been damaged.
  • The file extension of the company file has been changed.

The third-party firewall has not been configured. 

Signs of Quickbooks error 80070057

This error can be detected without using any tools, there is some sort of indications that sheds light on what these errors are. Some of them are mentioned below. 

  • If the QuickBooks application keeps on crashing.
  • If your systems get hanged and take a long time to respond whenever the company file is being accessed. 
  • The keyboard and mouse inputs are not getting responses on time. 
  • A dialogue box appears stating the parameter is incorrect
  • If the user does not hold the permission to delete the Quickbooks company files.
  • The company files get collapsed. 
  • A dialogue box stating error 80070057 comes in. 

Now that we know what this error is and what causes this error to take place, It is time for us to understand how this error can be resolved. First, we will see some nutshell solutions that can help in solving this error, you can try these out to check if you are fortunate enough. 

Methods To Fix Quickbooks Error 80070057

Method:  1 Change Quickbooks File Extensions

The user can try changing the company file extensions, just rename the files that have a .QBW extension.

Method: 2  Clean Install Quickbooks

The users have to conduct a clean install, which means they have to uninstall the old version of QB and then install the latest version of Quickbooks after downloading it from the official website. 

Method: 3 Move Quickbooks Data From MAC

This solution is for the users who use Mac, they would have to convert all the data from Apple Mac to Windows. You have to click the data backup option in Windows. This enables users to convert the QuickBooks files from Macbook or Macintosh to Windows. 

Method: 4 Download Quickbooks File Doctor ToolQuickbooks error Code 80070057

Now, in this solution, the users can make use of the Quickbooks file Doctor to resolve the error that they are facing. For this, the users would have to download QFD and then install it. This program will automatically detect all the damaged files and will repair them. 

Method: 5 Establish Connection with Quickbooks

The user must establish Quickbooks communication. After the troubleshooting is finished you have to configure the Bit Defender antivirus for the Quickbooks Desktop software communication. 

You can try these above-mentioned solutions to fix this error. If it gets fixed then Congratulations! Otherwise here are the detailed solutions to fix this error. 

Resolving the error 80070057

Method: 1 Update Quickbooks DesktopQuickbooks Error

In this process, you have to update the software if it is not already on the latest version. This will help in eradicating all the bugs that exist in the QuickBooks older versions. To do this open your Quickbooks software and then navigate to the help tab. Now after clicking this tab, you will see an option to update Quickbooks, click that and you will see a new window where you will have to find the update tab and then choose the reset update, boing doing this all the previous update files will be deleted. You will find a button adjacent to it named Get updates. You have to wait till the update finishes. After it gets done the user just has to open the Quickbooks file and check if the error has been rectified. 

Method: 2 Check File Extensions

In this process, you have to verify the extension of the company files. This is how you have to do it. 

  • The very first step is to right-click on the file 
  • Then select properties, a new tab will open up. 
  • Now the user has to click on the Quickbooks icon.
  • Notice the file extension and check if it ends with .qbb or not. 
  • Lastly, click on the Ok button. 

Method: 3 Use Quickbooks Database Server Manager

For performing this task the user must have Quickbooks Database Server Manager. The initial step is to press the Windows key and then simply type Quickbooks Database Server Manager, after that the user is required to add a folder, in order to display the Browser Folder tab. The user has to choose the folder that contains the company files. Now, click the Ok icon – you can see a button named Start Scan, click this button to scan the database of company files. After the scan is complete the user just has to open the company files again. 

Method: 4 Run Quickbooks As An AdministratorQuickbooks error Code 80070057

This process is to access the Quickbooks Desktop as a system admin, for which you will have to make the software a system admin. To do this right-click on the Quickbooks icon and you will see the option to run it as an administrator, click on that and you will grant access to the Quickbooks software to run as an administrator. If your company file doesn’t get open automatically then just click and open it. Finally, you will have to see if the error still prolongs or not. If it does just simply move to the next process. 

Method: 5 Configure Security Software Settings

Often the firewall and internet security setting creates an obstacle for Quickbooks company files. In this process, we will remove those obstacles by correcting the settings. To do this the very initial step is to add exceptions in the firewall. Now, you simply have to follow the instructional window by the firewall provider to change the firewall settings. This will also enable the user’s capability to send and receive the data. If the error still exists then you have to uninstall and reinstall the software of the firewall. 

Final words

Hopefully, these solutions helped you in resolving the error 80070057. It will for sure help you to fix the error. If the error is still there, then you have to contact the efficient and effective customer support of Intuit, they surely will be able to help you out in fixing this issue.

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