A Guide for Quickbooks Error Code -6210, 0: Fix 6000 Series Errors

The Quickbooks Error 6210 is a 6000 series that is quite a basic error encountered by the Quickbooks users. This error generally happens when a computer system other than the server hosts the QBs company file. It is not that much hustle needed to quickly troubleshoot this error but we must know about this error briefly before fixing it permanently. We are here to guide you in every direction possible to make your day free of errors. Just read with us and we will learn everything associated with QuickBooks error -6210.

QuickBooks Error 6210 0: Introduction

Quickbooks Error 6210

This error exists when the user is accessing the application software in a multi-user mode. Also, The company file is not hosted on the parent server but is opened in some other workstation. You can read the text message as follows:

Quickbooks Error 6210 Message

“We’re Sorry.  Quickbooks encountered a problem when opening the company file.  Review this helpful article on the Quickbooks support site to resolve the issue.  Error codes: (-6210, 0)”


“A computer that is not the server is hosting the company file”

QuickBooks Error Code –6210, 0: Reasons For Its Existence

There can be various reasons that can give rise to this error. It is quite essential for you to understand these errors first. So, let us begin with the causes for its prevalence. Read the list below.

  • You can witness this error in case of your company file being hosted on any computer system other than the server.
  • The downloaded QBs file might be pirated or corrupted.
  • Improper and Unclean installation of the Quickbooks desktop software.
  • There might be a possibility that the Windows registry files are corrupted or damaged.
  • Threat activities like malware, virus attacks, etc.
  • QBs related files are lost, missing, or mistakenly removed.
  • Hindrance from a third-party antivirus.

Indicators of Quickbooks Error 6210, 0

There can be many triggers that indicate the existence of this error. They are listed as follows:

  • In case you are not able to access your company file.
  • The error message box pops up on the desktop screen frequently.
  • Freezing & Halting of the Qb operations.
  • The response time of the system becomes high.
  • The software constantly crashes.
  • The devices’ commands are not functioning properly.

Now that we are well-equipped with all the necessary information whether to be the symptoms or causes for their occurrence, it is the right time to work on troubleshooting it. Let us start with the solutions now. 

Best Ways to Repair Quickbooks Error -6210, 0

Follow each and every solution below at your convenience. Also, never forget to keep a backup of your important data and files in your system. 

Solution 1: Backup QBs Registry files

 Backup QB Registry file

  • From the Start Menu, click on the Command window and write up Regedit.
  • Tap the Enter button.
  • Choose all the registry entries associated with this QBs error.
  • Go to the File menu, you need to select the option named Export.
  • Now, select the file where you want to save the backup of the QBs files.
  • Give a name to the file QB backup.
  • Now, save the file with the extension as .reg.
  • Lastly, tap on the option Save.

Solution 2: Disable the Multi-User Mode

Disable the Multi-User Mode

  • Firstly, access the Quickbooks desktop software & look out for the tab File.
  • Within the File tab, Choose the option Utilities.
  • You now have to go to the option of Stop Hosting Multi-user Access.
  • Now, this will cease the multi-user mode in your system other than the host server. 
  • Lastly, open the QBs application and verify the existence of the eros in your system.

Solution 3: Check The Disk Space

Check The Disk Space

  • From the Start Menu, click on the command window and write up cleanmgr.
  • Tap the Enter button.
  • Now, the disk clean-up interface will open up. It displays all the programs and files that are occupying the disk space. 
  • Click on the space with junk, temporary, and corrupted files.
  • You need to clean out all these unwanted files to increase the viable space in the disk.
  • Lastly, you must reboot the PC.

Note: The junk and unwanted files occupy most of the space in your disk and must be cleaned for better performance of your system.  

Solution 4: Change the Third-Party Applications Settings 

At times, third-party apps hinder the functioning of the Quickbooks programs. So, you must check if your third-party antivirus is creating a blockage in your Quickbooks software to function efficiently. If this is the case, then you must modify the settings of the anti-virus.

Now, check for the presence of the error. If it still persists, then you have no other option instead of uninstalling the antivirus temporarily.

Solution 5: Rename the Transaction Log (TLG) Files & Network Data (ND)Files

Rename the Transaction Log (TLG) Files & Network Data (ND)Files

In this solution, we will guide you on how to rename the network data (ND) and transaction log (TLG) files to the .old extension at the end. 

  • Firstly, launch the Quickbooks desktop software.
  • Now, press the F2 key on the keyboard.
  • Here, we will get all the directory location details of your company files. Now, choose the folder where all the company files are saved.
  • Go for all the company files that end with the .tlg and .nd extension in their filename.
  • Select the option Rename by doing a right mouse click on these selected files.
  • Now, add a .old extension at the end of the selected file name.
  • You need to perform the same process for all these .tlg and .nd files left.
  • Lastly, log in to the Quickbooks desktop software and verify for the presence of the error.

Solution 6: Access the Company File Locally 

  • First of all, access the folder that contains the company file.
  • Search for the company file with extension as . QBW.
  • Now, do a right-click on your desktop screen and choose Paste.
  • Launch the software QuickBooks and Open the No company open window.
  • You now have to restore or open the existing company file and again go to your desktop.
  • Look out for the company file, copy it, and then access it

Solution 7: Use QuickBooks Database Server Manager

QuickBooks Database Server Manager

  1. Open the Hub Tool and navigate to the tab of Network Issues
  2. Then choose the QuickBooks Database Server Manager (QBDSM).
  3. Now use the option named Start Scan to detect the damaged company file.
  4. Browse the company file directory location and click on Start Scan.
  5. Launch the QuickBooks software. again
  6. Log in to the company file once again.
  7. If the network data files grant access to the company files from other server workstations, then follow these steps.
  • Start renaming the .TLG and .ND files.
  • Hold the Windows button and R key on the keyboard.
  • Then write up service.msc in the Run command box.
  • Hit Enter and then look out for the QuickBooks Database Server Manager Service.
  • Restart all the services now at last.

Solution 8: Shut Down the QuickBooks Processes

Shut Down the QuickBooks Processes

In case any of the above methods did not help you much to rectify the QuickBooks Error 6210, then we have the last throw of our dice, and this time we won’t miss in our efforts. Let us follow the last solution now.

  • Firstly, open the QuickBooks application and check that you must be logged in as the Admin.
  • Use the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys together to access the Task Manager.
  • Now go to the Users tab to view the option Show Processes.
  • You need to choose the files like QBDBMgr.exe, QBW32.exe, or qbupdate.exe (QuickBooks Processes).
  • After selecting the processes, use the option End Task.
  • Lastly, try opening the company file in multi-user mode.

Ending Words

This article is full of informative details when we talk about the QuickBooks error 6210, its causes for occurrence, symptoms for early detection, and the most important part: Quick & Easy Solutions that you can carry out in just a few clicks. Do not miss any part of our post and guide yourself as per the stepwise directions given above. Hope you are out of each & every ongoing trouble now and we assure you that you can get any of your issues resolved in the least time every time you visit us. Always been a treat to serve you and hope to connect soon.

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