Quickbooks Error 6000 80 – Instant Fixes [Experts Guide]

Have you ever wonder why the Quickbooks error occurs in the system? If not, then start learning from today because it not only enlightens you with all the possible causes but also guides you in rectifying the error issues in the minimal time just by removing all those causes. In this article, we are going to provide you a learning path through which you can get all the knowledge related to the Quickbooks error 6000 80.

Through this guide, we are going to provide you a basic understanding of the error with a detailed explanation. Then, we move towards the causes and subsequently jump on the troubleshooting ways consisting of step-by-step solutions. So, do not panic and take the help of this guide to carry out further operations.

We always try to resolve all the queries of users like you. In this blog post also, we have covered each and everything that might resolve all of your queries related to the error. So, now, let’s get back to the topic and first learn the explanation of Quickbooks error code 6000 80.

Quickbooks Error 6000 80

Quickbooks Error 6000

Quickbooks error 6000 80 is a software error that the user encounters during accessing or opening the company file. Apart from this, the error can also occur during program installation, window software installation, and while some other Quickbooks-related programs running in the background. 

So, the user has to try each and every possible way through which all the hindrances can be resolved by performing the troubleshooting. Now, let’s get into the causes and factors that make the error appear on the device and slows down the system.

Factors that Trigger Quickbooks Error 6000 80

The list below contains each and every factor that triggers the Quickbooks error 6000 80. Move on to the list and know about every cause.

  • If the data within the company file becomes damaged then the error occurs. 
  • In the case of corruption within the Quickbooks data files.
  • The data sources become damaged and corrupted when trying to access the Quickbooks company file.
  • When trying to open the company file, the data sources become damaged.
  • A sudden crash during accessing or opening the company file.
  • The restored data becomes unable to communicate.
  • Quickbooks software becomes unable to communicate with the server.

Now the user needs to remove all of these causes and factors from the system that gives rise to such kinds of hindrances into the system. 

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Top Ways to Remove the Quickbooks Error Code 6000 80

Well, we suggested in the above section that the user is required to remove all those causes from the system but how to do it. If you also have such kind of query then don’t panic and try all these step-by-step troubleshooting ways according to your case and remove the irritable Quickbooks error code 6000 80 from the system.

Case 1: For Single User Mode

Solution 1: Run Quickbooks Company File Diagnostic Tool

1. First of all, download and install the Quickbooks company file diagnostic tool.

2. Secondly, the user needs to run the tool.

Quickbooks error 6000 80

3. After that, follow these two mentioned steps if the Quickbooks company file diagnostic tool detects the damage but cannot repair it.

  • Try to create the backup of the company file and then restore it.
  • Through the use of auto data recovery, restore the data.

4. Winding up this process by sharing the data with Intuit’s Data Recovery team as they will help you to repair it.

Solution 2: Copy the company file to the local drive

Quickbooks error code 6000 80

1. The first and foremost step that the user needs to do is to add extension .qbb to the Quickbooks backup file and copy it. 

2. At this time, add the extension .qbw to the QB company file and try to update it to a local hard drive.

3. Through these two steps, the user can easily update/restore the backup QB company files.

4. In the last step, copy the restored company file to the location where it is placed earlier.

Case 2: For Multi-User Mode

Solution 1: Use Quickbooks Connection File Diagnostic Tool

Quickbooks error 6000 80

1. In order to download the tool, the user first navigates to the download page of Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool.

2. Proceeding towards the downloading process by typing the email address and marking the tab named agree with the terms and conditions.

3. Finally, you can easily use this dynamic tool.

After performing all these tasks, the user now needs to consider an important measure that will aware him/her about the issue within the network connection. So, in order to track the network connection, verify if the file opens successfully under the advanced option, if yes then there is no issue with the network connectivity and vice versa.

Solution 2: Copy the QB file to the local C drive

1. First of all, try to add the extension .qbb to the QB company file and copy it.

2. Alternatively, the user can also move towards the file that you want to update and create a backup to a local hard drive.

3. After that, the user needs to back up the QB company files.

4. In the last step, transfer the recently updated QB company file to the original location by copying the same.

Solution 3: Run Quickbooks File Doctor Tool

Quickbooks error 6000 80

1. Navigate to the official Intuit website and try to download the Quickbooks file doctor tool.

2. After that, the user needs to run the downloaded file to install the tool.

3. In case the data damage is signaled, but the tool becomes unable to fix the same then try any of these two methods:

  • Try to restore the company file that is backed up recently.
  • And use the auto data recovery tool to restore the data.
Solution 4: Manual Fix of Quickbooks Error 6000 80 

This solution is for all the users who cannot access the Quickbooks file diagnostic tool or Quickbooks connection diagnostic tool in multi-user mode. So, if you are among the ones then proceed with this troubleshooting.

Step 1: Update Quickbooks 

Quickbooks error 6000 80

1. The first thing that the user needs to do is to open the Quickbooks software and navigate to the help menu.

2. Once done with that, choose the Update Quickbooks tab.

3. In addition to this, select the update now option in the update Quickbooks window.

4. Then, the user required to remove all the previously downloaded updates.

5. After removing all the previous downloads, checkmark the reset updates box.

6. In this step, choose the get updates icon.

7. In the last, the user can restart the Quickbooks to save the changes.

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Step 2: Configure the firewall

Well, Intuit does not offer any support related to the firewall error. So, the user must take help from the firewall application provider to resolve the error issue or contact the Microsoft team to check the firewall configuration process.

Step 3: Verify the permission to access the QB Company file

Quickbooks error 6000 80

1. Firstly, navigate to the setup folder permissions to share the QB Company file.

2. The user needs to ensure that the permission is set up correctly.

3. The last step requires setting up the Quickbooks permissions.

Step 4: Try to scan the QB Company file

In this step, the user needs to create the network descriptor (.nd) file and scan the folder that consists of all the Quickbooks company files. 

Verify the permission to access the QB Company file

1. Commence the procedure and perform a click on the windows or start icon.

2. Now, navigate to the Programs tab and then to Quickbooks.

3. In this step, choose Quickbooks database server manager.

4. After that, move towards the window of Quickbooks database server manager and choose the add folder icon.

5. Once done with the above procedure, go towards the folder containing QB company files.

6. Try to add all the folders and later on hit the scan tab.

7. Now, move to the Quickbooks company file tab and hit Quickbooks data files.

8. From there, select the close icon.

9. Move ahead and search for the folder that is having all the QB company files and also make sure that .QBW.ND file has created with every QB company file.

Key Note:

  • Navigate to the Program List tab.
  • If the user becomes unable to find the Quickbooks database server manager icon then reinstall the Quickbooks application.
  • Now select the second option- I’ll be using Quickbooks on this computer, and I’ll be storing our company file here so it can share over our network.”
Step 5: Verify the Hosting

The server under the network environment with the hosting rights is assumed to be the only system where the Quickbooks database server manager (QBDSM) is installed. The user needs to scan the QB company files while the hosting turns on.

  • Computer workstations 
  • Server
Step 6: Access the Quickbooks company file & Chech the Data Damage

If any of the above steps would not work and resolve the error then move to this last step and carry out the further operation.

Use the host computer to access the QB file

1. First of all, navigate towards the system which is having the Quickbooks company file.

2. Moving on, select copy file to another location if the server installed only on the host computer.

3. In this step, the user needs to open the Quickbooks software & QB company file that is corrupting with the Quickbooks error code 6000 80.

4. It should be noted that if the user becomes able to access the company file through the computer then try to check the Quickbooks company file and copy the file to another location in a different situation.

5. Using the guidelines of the Quickbooks application, the user now needs to rebuild the QB company file.

Copy the file to another location

1. Start the procedure by opening the folder consists of the QB company file.

2. Now right-click on the file name and select the copy icon.

3. After this, the user needs to tap on the empty area on the windows desktop and select the paste option.

4. Moving on, try to open the Quickbooks application and then access the Quickbooks company file on the desktop.

5. If the error message still haunting you then there can be some damage within the Quickbooks data. In order to recover data follow these two steps:

  • Try to restore the newly backed up QB company file.
  • In the second step, share the QB company file with the Quickbooks data recovery team and plea them to conduct an operation related to the data recovery.

6. But, if the user can access the QB company files then copy the file back to the location where it is originally placed with further steps.

Copy the file to the original location

1. To begin, open the folder that is having the original (damaged) QB company file and try to provide it a name by adding extensions like OLD or DAMAGED in the beginning letters of the file name.

2. You can take the help from the instance to rename the file.

3. For instance, if the company file is named as company file then try to rename it as OLD_CompanyFile or DAMAGED_CompanyFile.

4. In this step, close the Quickbooks.

5. Move ahead and tap on the QB company file and choose the copy option as well.

6. The user now needs to access the folder that originally contains the QB company file.

7. After that, perform a right-click on the empty area in the folder window and choose the paste option.

8. In the end, open the Quickbooks and later on try to access the QB company file from its original location. 

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Winding Up!

With these above-mentioned steps, the user can easily resolve the Quickbooks error 6000 80. These are the most trusted solutions so try each of them patiently until the error gets resolved. Furthermore, if you find any kind of nuisance while trying out these methods and experience the error then you must reach out to the Intuit customer care team in order to get proper assistance and guidance. With their 24×7 available service, you can resolve the error at any time. 

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