Resolve Quickbooks Error -6000 -77 Instantly

Quickbooks has gone out to be a prominent player in the field of accounting. Thousands of people are using this incredible software to fulfill their accounting requirements. Even after using high standards, errors like Quickbooks error 6000 77 haunts the Quickbooks users. Like a moth to a flame, these errors are a constant companion of the Quickbooks Desktop software. The QuickBooks error code (-6000, -77) can be frustrating to users because this error happens because of the wrong storage of files.

Well, you don’t have to panic, this error can be resolved in just a matter of time. You just have to follow the step by step process that has been mentioned in this article. So, first of all, let’s try to understand what this error is.

What does Quickbooks error code 6000 77 mean?

The Quickbooks error code -6000,-77 occurs whenever you store a file in the wrong location. As people have transformed their way of usage with accounting software, everything is different. This error can occur in both cloud-based and desktop-based versions of Quickbooks. An error message of this kind comes up whenever the Quickbooks error 6000 77 takes place.

Quickbooks error code 6000 77

Well, now it is time for us to see the reasons behind the occurrence of this error. Let’s have a look then.

Reasons behind Quickbooks error 6000 77

Numerous reasons can cause the Quickbooks error code -6000, -77. Understanding what causes this error will help you avoid them in the future.

  • The company file has been stored in external storage rather than in any of the local drives.
  • The folder containing the company files has incorrect folder permissions.
  • The company file has been opened been open using a reference from a mapped drive.
  • The Quickbooks software was running in multi-user mode.

You now have a good understanding of the reasons, now we will come to the major point. How to solve this error? You just have to follow the step by step instructions to resolve this error.

Methods To Troubleshoot Quickbooks Error 6000 -77

Method 1: Recreation of the broken folder

quickbooks error code -6000, -77

  • The first step in this method is to locate the folder that contains the company file data..
  • Find the .qbw file.
  • Now right-click on this file and copy it.
  • You have to create a new folder in the C drive and paste the previously copied file in it.
  • Grant Access permission to the newly created folder.
  • Simply open Quickbooks from the new file location.

Method  2: Using the Quickbooks file doctor

QB error 6000

  • You have to download the Quickbooks file doctor on your system from Intuit’s official website.
  • After downloading you simply have to follow the instructional installation window of Quickbooks file doctor.
  • When the installation is finished you have to launch the tool.
  • You will see the option of browse. Here you have to select the file in which you are facing the error.
  • After selecting it, simply hit the Diagnose file button.
  • Just wait for it to complete. The file doctor will automatically detect and resolve the error.

Method 3: Renaming the .nd and .tlg files

When we rewrite the .nd and .tlg files, we automatically enable the Quickbooks desktop software to work smoothly in the multi-user mode. The QuickBooks error code (-6000, -77) can persist if any one of these files is damaged in any manner. So renaming the files will help in eradicating the issue, the reason being no data loss after renaming. They have reproduced accordingly. Let’s have a look at how to do this.


Initially, you will have to open the folder which contains the Quickbooks company files.

Just locate the files with the extensions .ND and .TLG

Simply right-click on these files and click the option of rename.

Now, you have to add the word .old as an extension. After doing that simply hit the enter key.

Method 4: Configuring the firewall and internet settings


  • You have to configure the firewall port settings to automatic mode.
  • Now, you will have to manually change the exceptions for all the firewall ports.
  • Also, check the settings of your antivirus. If it is not properly configured, you will have to do that.

Method 5: UNC path instead of Mapped Drive

  • You have to right-click on the Quickbooks desktop icon. Now, select the run as administrator option.
  • Press the Ctrl Key until and unless the No company open window pops up.
  • In the file menu, you will see the tab of open or restore the company. Select that and click on Next.
  • Now, click on the Network setting from the left pane. You will have to browse the company file that you desire to use.
  • Just select the company file and click on open.

Other quick ways to fix the error 6000 77

  • You can try rebooting the Quickbooks software. In most cases, this helps in eradicating any trivial issues that cause the error.
  • The most effective method is running the Quickbooks file doctor. This is one of the most efficient ways to rectify the error.
  • You can move the company file to any of the local drives. Only in case, it has been stored in an external disc.
  • You can also try using the company file in safe mode. If this error is caused by any malware then this will help in eradicating the error.

Winding up!

As said earlier, this is not a very hectic error. By trying the above-mentioned steps you can quickly resolve this error. Also, you can check out our other error rectifying articles to improve your Quickbooks user experience.

If your error still persists, you can try contacting the Quickbooks customer care support. They will surely be able to help you out.

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