Methods to Fix Quickbooks Error 1904

In the Quickbooks accounting software, the error 1904 QuickBooks is quite common. It is an error that the user encounters while installing the Quickbooks software. Mostly it is because of some kind of system failure. Though, it is not that difficult to recognize this error. The reason being its error message that states error 1904 module failed to register QuickBooks.

Quickbooks error 1904

Another reason that can give birth to the error 1904 is updating the operating system. Yes! when you upgrade your system from windows 7 to windows 10, then there is a colossal chance that you may encounter this error. Also, damage to any of the essential Microsoft components that are responsible for the functioning of Quickbooks can generate the Quickbooks error 1904.

Well, it might be an error that is very agitating because your whole day is ruined just to find out the solution to this ridiculous error. Stop worrying though. Our team at Update errors is ready to help you out all the time. In fact, in this post, you will find every subtle detail about the Quickbooks error 1904. You will be able to learn and understand more about the nature of this error. This is important to learn because then only you will be able to avoid it in the coming future.

More importantly, we will discuss the solutions to the error 1904. You simply have to follow the step-by-step instructions to make this error disappear. So, without further ado let’s jump straight into it.

What is Quickbooks Error 1904?

The Quickbooks error 1904 is an error that occurs during the installation of Quickbooks software. It generally happens due to any kind of file damage. It can also happen because the windows component does not get synchronized properly at the time of installation.

Another reason that can bring up this error is when you upgrade your operating system. Your computer always needs a reboot after getting updated.

What causes Quickbooks error 1904?

error 1904 module failed to register QuickBooks

There are a number of reasons that can lead to the Quickbooks error 1904. Let’s have a look at them.

  • The Quickbooks company file is corrupted or damaged. This error can occur if any of the Quickbooks files get broken, this will create chaos in the C++ framework of Quickbooks.
  • There can be multiple issues at the same time. The files like DLL and qbupdate.exe would have gone corrupted due to which the visual MS c++ is not working properly.
  • After updating the operating system some of the vital folders get mismanaged. This will arise the error 1904.

Now that we know what causes this error it is time for us to figure out the solutions to the error 1904. Below are the methods through which can demolish this error, it is advised that you carry out each of the methods one by one in order to rectify the Quickbooks error 1904. Let’s have a look at them.

Resolve Quickbooks error 1904

Here are the steps to rectify the Quickbooks error 1904.

Method 1: Use Quickbooks Install Diagnostic Tool

Quickbooks Install Diagnostic Tool

  • The very first step that you have to do to resolve this error is to press the ignore button on the error message. Continue the installation of Quickbooks but do not open the software yet.
  • You have to restart your computer now.
  • After restarting you have to download the Quickbooks install diagnostic tool from Intuit’s official website. After the download, you have to install the tool.
  • When the installation is complete, you simply have to open the tool and press the scan button. Sit back now until the scan is over.
  • The installation tool will automatically detect the error and will fix it by itself.
  • You have to reboot your computer.

Method 2: Built-in administrator activation

built-in administrator

Follow these five steps to set up the built-in administrator.

Step 1: Activation

Press the Windows key on your keyboard.

Just enter CMD in the search box and then right-click on CMD/ Command Prompt/ cmd.exe to choose Run as administrator.

In the command window you will have to enter net user administrator /active: yes – now hit enter.

Step 2: Switching

Simultaneously press the Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys on the keyboard. Now select the Switch User Windows 8 users. You have to press the windows button now. Click on the user icon that appears.

Simply press the Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys. Then you have to select the icon of the default Administrator account.

Step 3: Hiding

You have to again open the run window, as mentioned above. Simply enter net user administrator /active: no – press the enter key later.

Step 4: Installation Security Settings

  • You have to navigate to the C:\Program Files\Common Files.
  • Right-click on the Common files and then select the tab named Properties.
  • Go to security tabs and choose edit. Now select the user’s tab.
  • You will see a tab called Permissions for users. In this tab you have to grant permission to the Modify, List Folder Contents, Read and Execute, Write, and Read.
  • Finally choose to apply and then click on Ok.

Solution for different conditions:

First Condition: Windows Bit Defender

The windows bit defender can at times block the installation of QuickBooks, which in turn will lead to the Quickbooks error 1904. That being said, turning off the bit defender is not the solution to this condition. The solution is to while installing you are supposed to add C:\Program Files\Common Files for 32 bit and C:\Program Files\Intuit (C:\Program for 64-bit window.

Second Condition: Adobe Flash Player

Adobe flash player can create this error too. You just have to uninstall the flash player to resolve the error.

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Hopefully, this article played a crucial role in resolving this error. We bring such informative articles just for you. Do check out our other articles to improve your user experience with Intuit’s very own Quickbooks.

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