Ways to Fix Quickbooks error 15106 (update program error)

Quickbooks error 15106 – the update program is not opening after updating the software of Quickbooks Desktop. Is this what it is saying every time you open the Quickbooks Desktop software? Then you are at the right place to solve this issue. Actually, you couldn’t be in a better place. Here you will find out the most plausible reasons and the solutions to why the error is annoying you. We know, you might have important works that you have to update and there could be important transactions that you have to carry out. This error might be stopping you from succeeding the day, this could be your biggest obstacle of the day. Don’t worry though, it is cent percent that you will find out the solution to resolve this very error in this article. Let’s move ahead. 

So, first things first. Before you know what Quickbooks error 15106 is, you need to know what Quickbooks is – Quickbooks is an accounting software pack developed by Intuit. Quickbooks majorly concentrates on small & medium-sized enterprises to provide and incorporate cloud-based accounting applications that are capable of accepting business payments, bill payments, and payroll functions. 

The error 15106 is a transaction update error. Quickbooks error 15106 also occurs when the user is making payroll and is not being able to update it. It also gives an error message that states the same.

What is Quickbooks Error 15106?

This error is a payroll update error and indicates that there is some obstacle that is not allowing the updating of all the versions of QB software. This error is an aftermath of a program or your antivirus that is creating a blockade to open your QB desktop. Our job here is to find out what this obstacle is and then we have to remove it so that you can resume using Quickbooks Desktop. You have to try each of these steps one by one, till they find out the correct one.  

Quickbooks Update Error 15106


Reasons that cause Quickbooks Error Code 15106

There are a lot of reasons that impact error 15106. Let’s have a look at them. 

  • In most cases, the antivirus installed on the user’s device keeps on blocking the update. The antivirus figures it as a malicious activity to grant update permissions to third-party software. 

  • If the user is not logged in as an admin on the device then this error can arise. When the system is not in the admin mode it loses the ability to read and write while and update. 

  • The anti-virus keeps moving the updated files to its chest to restrict the activity. 

How to resolve error 15106?

Now that you know what caused the Quickbooks error 15106, it is time to find out what has to be done to destroy it. There are a number of ways through which it can be done, you must try out all the solutions one by one in order to find out which one is the option for you. Without further ado let’s begin. 

Solution 1: Login as Administrator

In case the user has logged in as a different user in the system then you should log in as an admin using the credentials. This will grant permission for updates to Quickbooks Desktop and after the update, the problem will be resolved automatically. After doing this, you have to run the QB application as an administrator, to do this just right-click on the software and select the Run as admin option.

quickbooks payroll update error 15106

This will allow the user to acquire the admin status, if the error still exists then you might wanna try out the very next solution. 

Solution 2: Clean install Quickbooks

In this method, a clean install has to be done of the Quickbooks in a startup mode. Make a backup of the company file while keeping a copy of the QB’s license files. Now, all you have to do is start your computer in startup mode – to avoid the intervention of other software. Now, the user must uninstall the software of Quickbooks, after that reinstall it. After the completion of the installation, you have to switch to the normal desktop mode. Now, just open the software and check if the error is still there, if it is there then you will have to check out the next solution. 

Solution 3: Switching of UAC 

In this solution, the user will have to turn off the User Account Control. This will allow the user to rectify the error 15106, that too with powerful outcomes. Here is how to do it. Hit the Windows plus R keys simultaneously to open the Run window. Now, the user has to open the Control Panel and now just navigate to User accounts. Here, just click on the Change user account control, and here you will have to scroll down and set the option to Never notify and hit Ok. You have to turn off the QAC. The final step is to reboot your device. After the rebooting, you have to open the Quickbooks and check if the issue still exists or not.

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quickbooks error code 15106


Solution 4: Ceasing the antivirus

This is the most viable option that one can try out because in most cases here is where the trouble is. Trying this out will surely help in eradicating any bugs during updates. To do this, you may have to press the keys Ctrl + Shift + Esc simultaneously. Doing this will open the Task Manager, navigate to the Processes tab, and then find [Antivirus].exe – if you by accident make any error it is recommended that you uninstall the antivirus software. The final step is to select the end process.

Solution 5: Renaming QB folders

The renaming of the software is the final option, if nothing has worked out yet then this is where things are going to change. To open the file explorer press the keys Windows + E, then navigate to C:\Program Files\intuit\Quckbooks(year)\Components. Now all you have to do is to right-click on the downloadqbXX folder and rename it to another name with .old to the very end of it. Now, the final step is to reupdate the software which is Quickbooks desktop. This process is going to help to solve the issue and in turn the error 15106. 


Hopefully, error 15106 has been rectified in the server by these solutions. These are the most effective and plausible solutions that can be used to eradicate these types of errors. Every error has to be dealt with in a different manner, and the approach to each of them is very different. Carry out the processes of these solutions carefully and it should resolve the 15106 error. If you have encountered a Quickbooks Error because of damaged or corrupted files then you can make use of the Quickbooks File Doctor Tool. If even after trying out all these solutions you tend to experience this error then you have to contact the helpline number of Intuit. You will be assisted and will be guided on how to resolve this problem.

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