5 Simple Solutions To Troubleshoot Quickbooks Error 1334

Quickbooks is showcasing its great skills among different users around the world with its advanced and dynamic features. It is becoming the only companion of entrepreneurs who want to achieve business goals in minimal time. But being the accounting software, it usually gets corrupted with some errors and issues. In this blog post, we are presenting the troubleshoot to remove one such Quickbooks error 1334. If you are troubling with the same error issue then read this full guide containing everything related to the error.

In this guide, we are offering not just the troubleshoots but also some symptoms and reasons to know about the error 1334 Quickbooks in a better way. First of all, we will be discussing what exactly is this error. How one can identify it with some signs and indications and what are the prominent causes that lead to the error issue and lastly troubleshooting to resolve the error issue instantly. So, now let’s start this guide with the first section.

What is Quickbooks Error 1334?

error 1334 Quickbooks

Quickbooks error 1334 occurs in the system when there is an incomplete damaged and corrupt Quickbooks installation file or .NET framework. It brings hindrances into the system and thus prevents the user from working on the system. The error message that the user usually encounters states “Error 1334: Error writing to file [file name]. Verify that you have access to that directory” or “The file cannot be installed. Insert the Quickbooks CD and retry.”

There are some following occasions and situations during which the error 1334 Quickbooks occurs:

  • During the running of Quickbooks.
  • At the time of shutting down windows.
  • When performing Quickbooks installation.
  • Anytime when starting windows.
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What are the signs to identify Quickbooks error 1334

When the Quickbooks repair error 1334 appears the user usually encounters some instant changes in the system. In this section, we are presenting a list of those symptoms and signs that will make the user identify the error.

  • Slow performance of the operating system (Windows)
  • Keyboard and mouse inputs are not accepted by windows.
  • The system keeps on freezing from time to time.
  • The sudden crashing of the system with the error 1334.

What are the causes of Quickbooks error 1334

Let’s now move into the causes that lead to such kinds of error issues in the system. Below is provided a full list of all the causes that trigger Quickbooks error 1334.

  • Malicious software like viruses and malware are corrupting the system.
  • If the user performs an incomplete and damaged Quickbooks installation then it can lead to an error issue.
  • Corruption within the windows registry due to a modification of Quickbooks-related software.
  • If the user is acquiring damaged and corrupt Quickbooks software then he/she should get ready for the error.
  • The error also appears when windows files and Quickbooks software-related files become corrupted.
  • Mistakenly deleting some Quickbooks-related files can also lead to Quickbooks repair error 1334.

After getting a glimpse of the symptoms and causes of Quickbooks error 1334. Now, let’s jump into what is the troubleshooting that the user needs to perform to eradicate the same. Read the next section in order to fix the error with just simple and easy steps.

How can I troubleshoot error 1334 Quickbooks?

Moving on to these solutions given below and resolve the error 1334 Quickbooks.

Solution 1: Clean Install of Quickbooks

Clean install of Quickbooks is a procedure to uninstall and install the software with the use of the Quickbooks clean install tool. The user also needs to do the same. So, lets first start the uninstallation process that requires these steps:

  • Navigate to the start menu and select the control panel to open it.
  • Now, the user needs to choose to add/remove programs and then look for Quickbooks.
  • After finding the software, double-click on it and hit uninstall.

Uninstall or change a program

  • Once done with the process, select the OK tab.

After performing the uninstallation, the user now needs to download the Quickbooks clean install tool that can be done by following these steps mentioned below:

  • The first thing that the user needs to do is to download the Quickbooks clean install tool and save it.

Resolve : Error 1334 QuickBooks 2009  with quickbooks tool hub

  • Try to open the file.
  • Hit the tab saying agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Moving on, choose the Quickbooks desktop version and hit continue.
  • Now, the user will encounter a message that reads “Quickbooks is now ready for a clean install, please install to the default directory,”
  • Tap OK.

Once done with these steps, try to rename all these Quickbooks desktop installation folders manually.

  • C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks (year).
  • C:\Users\(current user)\AppData\Local\Intuit\QuickBooks (year).
  • C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks(year).
  • 64-bit version C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit\QuickBooks (year).

After completing the renaming process, you can proceed with the installation of Quickbooks desktop software and also check if the error still persists or not. If it still presents then the user needs to perform some more steps:

  • First of all, try to perform an antivirus scan to delete all the junk and unnecessary files from the system.
  • The user can also do a disk clean operation to remove all the contagious files.

Disk clean up

  • Now, look for the latest windows update available and try to update the system.
  • In the end, try to install the latest version of Quickbooks.

Solution 2: Reinstallation of MS-Windows

Reinstall the MS window

  • When the user performs the installation of the operating system then all the saved data present in the system’s hard drive will be deleted and then the user can enjoy a new window with all the junk files cleaned.
  • The user can also clean install the operating system to remove all the glitches and unnecessary log files from the system that accumulated from web surfing and other operations.

Solution 3: Run Company file with extension .QBW

  • The first thing that the user needs to do is to look for the company file folder and open it.
  • Now, try to find a company file with a .qbw extension. For instance, My Company Name.QBW as shown in the image.

Run Company file with extension .QBW

  • Try to run the file, after running it the user will not encounter Quickbooks error 1334 in the system and thus resolve all the disturbances.

Solution 4: Manual fix of Error

  • Before proceeding with the steps, the user needs to ensure that he/she should have administrator access to the system.
  • Try to log in as an administrator to the PC.
  • Select accessories and programs and then hit system tools.
  • Tap on restore showing under the system tools.

Restore the system

  • Hit restore my PC with an earlier date and click on the next tab.
  • Now, the user needs to select the point restoration list and again tap on next.
  • After that, move your cursor to the latest system restore date and select it.
  • Once done with the process, restart the system and move on with your work.
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Solution 5: Use Add/Remove Program

  • Try to open the Run window (Windows + R).
  • Enter MSConfig in the search box.

error 1334 QuickBooks 2009

  • Hit the boot tab.
  • Now, click on the safe boot and then tap on the network.
  • The user needs to hit OK and select the restart option.
  • After that, choose the safe mode option and run the system in this mode only.
  • At this time, you will see that the programs you desire to run will be launched easily.
  • After completing the above steps, try to open and run Quickbooks software.
  • Perform a double-click on the Quickbooks desktop and look for help.
  • Tap on the updates options and let Quickbooks completes the updating process.

update the quickbooks

  • Now, the user needs to open the run window again and enter MSConfig to remove the safe mode.
  • In order to save the changes, restart the system.
  • Moving on, try to open Quickbooks and reinstall the updated version that prompting on the screen.
  • Wait for few seconds to finish the update.
  • After a successful update, the error 1334 Quickbooks disappears from the system.

After performing the above solutions, the user now needs to check if the error still persists or not. If it is still appearing then it would be best to contact the Quickbooks customer care team for guidance that will help you in resolving Quickbooks error 1334. 

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