Everything About QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool: Manual Guide

Errors popping up 6147, 6103, 6000 82, H202, and many more. Frustrated with all such errors then, you came searching for the perfect place for your resolutions. With all the users’ overview, the developer team of the QuickBooks software created a brilliant tool to advance and update their software in such as way that it self resolves the issues and problems faced by you while operating QBs. This effective tool created is the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool.

The name self explains the role of this tool but with this post, we will give you an informative tour of all the aspects related to the QuickBooks diagnostic connection tool. Now, let us begin with the basic information on the Quickbooks diagnostics connection tool. This astonishing tool aids you in diagnosing problems associated with common connection setup and networks, and company file problems existing in the QB software.

QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool: Introduction 

QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

The QuickBooks Diagnostic Connection Tool is a resourceful free of cost tool easily available for download via the online Intuit website by any user across the world. It eases the diagnosing process of the general networking issues and H-series errors of multiple user modes and even 6000 error series problems.

These kinds of errors come up when the user tries accessing the company files. QBs connection tool diagnostics download also integrates the QBs database manager and the company records quite easily.

Install Quickbooks Diagnostic Connection Tool: Requirements

Install Quickbooks Diagnostic Connection Tool: Requirements

When it comes to getting this diagnostic tool on your PC, you just need some basic requirements. Any system with Windows XP, MS Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8,1, Windows Vista, and Windows 10 is compatible with this tool.

Moreover, it only supports QBs 2008 version and other later updates or Quickbooks enterprise Solution 8.0 and later updates. Also, your PC must have all the components of the C++ framework structure and related Microsoft components.

Issues and Errors in QBs Connection Diagnostic Tool 

As you are operating QB, you may encounter many types of errors and issues that restrict your work. The list below includes all the possible issues and errors seen by you and all such problems will self-resolve via the Connection Diagnostics tool.  


  • Windows system registry files are corrupted.
  • Vacant or blank customer list.
  • Windows Firewall is installed improperly.
  • QuickBooks Database permission access denied.
  • Error texts come up on the desktop screen from time to time. 
  • Missing, lost, and corrupted QBs related files.
  • The software vendor list is also vacant.
  • Less responsive commands of the input device.  
  • Windows Operating system crashes frequently. 


QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool Uses

QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool: When to Use?

In case you witness some of the problems are given below, then we recommend you make use of this diagnostics tool. 

  • If the QBs version and the firewall are not being with each other.
  • For repairing damaged, temporary, and junk QBs files.
  • To diagnose the vacant spaces in the QBs customer list.
  • To help in case of the user losing the entries of the employees’ list and even self-updates it. 
  • For rectifying the QBs blank list of vendors.
  • Grants permission and access to the QB Database and solves troubles with the QBs Database Server Manager (QBDMS).
  • Fixing the H-series multi-user errors and 6000 series type errors. 

QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool: Download and Install

The downloading and installing process of the Quickbooks Connection tool in a step-by-step guide is given here.

Install Connection QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool

  • To begin with, you must uninstall any existing older version of QBs from your PC.
  • With a reliable network connection and internet setup, visit the main site of the company Intuit and look out for a QB connection diagnostic 2018 tool download.   
  • After the download, reach out to the destination folder of the tool and access it.  

Select destination folder

  • A window for installation will come up on your desktop screen. Tap on the option Next.
  • Now, as the on-screen instructions are done then, accept the license agreement and terms and conditions to move forward. 

License Agreement

  • Click on the option Finish to finish the installation process. 
  •  The installation file should be saved in the C drive.

Connection Diagnostic Tool QuickBooks: How to Use?

Now with the diagnostic tool present in your system, the steps given below will guide you in using this tool easily in the software.

  • After the installation process, this diagnostic tool will open up automatically.
  • Go to the File Menu and select the option named Utilities.


  • Choose Repair file. 
  • Reach out to the tab Network Problem and open it.
  • Find the company file with the problem and click on it.

Browse for the company file

  • In case a single user is using the software, then there is no requirement of the option Network Connectivity. Many problems come up because of file damage and corruption, and network setup troubles.
  • Tap on the option of Show Advanced Settings and a drop-down list will appear.
  • As per your existing problem, go to the Related Issues.
  • Now, log in with the administrator password and tap on OK.

Admin Password

  • Select the Workstation PC or Host System. 
  • Now choose the QBs Diagnostic Connection Tool and perform a scan. The scanning and troubleshooting process will finish in a few minutes. 
  • You can now open the error-free company file and proceed with your work operations without any problems.

QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool Tabs

Diagnose Connection 

Diagnose Connection Tab

To access this tab, the user needs to choose a specific company file with issues then go to the option named Diagnose/Repair to do a scan. On completion of the scan in a few minutes, you will get your errors repaired from the QBs Company file.  

Firewall Status

Firewall Status Tab

The basic setup of a firewall comes within the firewall status tab. Here you can modify the settings as per the desired requirements of the firewall setup & configuration in the Windows system. 

Test Connectivity

Test Connectivity Tab

This tab is used for checking the network connectivity and internet setup of the system. Intuit host servers and the Quickbooks software can also build a stable connection and set up with each other. If this issue exists, you can follow the directions given below to use this test connectivity tab. 

  • Choose the company file through the Browse option beside the option of Company File.
  • Now, you have to tap on the tab of Test Connectivity
  • After this process, in case all the problems are rectified, they will come in green color, and still, the problems exist, they will come in red color.

QBs Connection Diagnostics Tool Components

  • Net Framework
  • MSXML 
  • C++
  1. Update the Windows for installing the lost and missing updates related to the  Microsoft.NET framework, C++  and MSXML.
  2. QBs Diagnostic Repair Tool fixes C++, Microsoft.NET framework, and MSXML related problems.
  3. Using the Selective Start-up mode for the clean installation of the QBs software.          
  4. Resolving the Microsoft components manually.                       

Final Words

The above post includes each and every significant piece of information associated with the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool. Once you are through with this article, then you will surely face no issues in implementing the tool for repairing the 6000 series and H-series errors existing in the software.

We hope that you have easily learned all the aspects of the QuickBook connection diagnostics tool and are satisfied with the type of content provided by us. It has been a pleasure serving you and let us have a final goodbye with each other. Be connected with us as you can read out and go through our official website for more QBs-related posts.

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