Feature Update to Windows 10, Version 1903 – Error 0x80070005 [Solved]

The windows 10 version 1903 is a popular build released by Microsoft. The reason being the updates that were introduced in this version of windows was really useful and pragmatic. This also increased the security of the operating system. Anyway, many users faced the error 0x80070005 in the windows version 1903. So, with this article, we will resolve it once and for all.

In this post, we will see what this error is, what causes it, and very importantly how to fix it. So, without delaying it and getting your nerve wrecked up, let’s get straight into it.

What is Windows 10 error 0x80070005?

error code: 0x80070005

The error code 0X80070005 is an error that might encounter while updating your Windows operating system. It comes with an error message. This makes it easy for you to detect it.  Let’s have a look at the fundamental causes of this error.

What causes the error 0x80070005?

The essential reason that leads to this error is that some of the files are corrupted. The broken and corrupted files create obstructions in the update of the operating system.

Another reason, that can cause this error is the improper installation of Windows. When you download the windows file, you may have not installed it properly. Also, it is possible that the last windows update was not completely removed before the new Windows installation.

So, now that we know the meaning and causes of the feature update to Windows 10, version 1903 – error 0x80070005. Let’s see how to resolve it forever.

What are the solutions to windows update error 0x80070005?

You just have to follow the below-discussed methods one by one to resolve this error. Remember to make a back of your data to avoid any kind of data loss. Also, if things are to go wrong you can always get them to steady-state if you create a backup of your data.

Just carry out each solution until you figure out the one that works for you.

Solution 1: Windows Update Services

You have to ensure that the essential services are running smoothly on your operating system. To do this follow these instructions.

  1. First of all, simultaneously press the Windows+R keys. windows update error 0x80070005
  2. This will trigger the run window to pop up. Here you have to type in Services.msc then press enter. error code 0x80070005
  3. A services window will appear on your screen.
  4. You have to spot the service named Background Intelligent Transfer Service. Double click on it. Choose the Startup type as Automatic. Afterward, Click on Start. Later click on Apply and then hit OK.
  5. Now, you have to do the same for all these services.
  • Windows Installer.
  • Windows Modules Installer.
  • Cryptographic Services.
  • Windows Update Service.

Just check if any of the above-mentioned services are disabled, if they are then you have to enable them.

After the process is complete, you have to conduct the update again and then check if the error is still existing or not.

Solution 2: Reboot the computer

windows reboot

This may sound like a trivial solution to you but this is a really effective method. Rebooting your windows can actually eliminate any kind of unnecessary files that are causing this error. You just have to reboot your system in order to tackle this issue.

Solution 3: Windows Update troubleshooter

windows update troubleshooter

It is a powerful tool that can rectify all windows update related issues automatically. You just have to run the tool and wait till it detects the issue and clears it out. Let’s see how to do it.

  • First of all, you will have to press the windows+I keys.
  • Now, you have to click the update&security tab.
  • Choose Troubleshoot option and then select the windows update option.
  • Finally, you have to run the troubleshooter. The troubleshooter will inception its work.

When the troubleshooting process is complete, you have to reboot your computer.

Solution 4: Disable your antivirus


There are instances when your antivirus blocks the proper update functions. Third-party antiviruses consider some of the update activities as malicious. So, they block the update from happening and in turn, this error is generated.

You may either uninstall your antivirus or you can configure the settings accordingly. Remember, you have to change the settings in such a way that it does not affect the update process of the operating system.

Also, after doing so, you have to try updating your windows operating system.

Solution 5: System reset

You just have to perform a system reset in order to rectify this error. Just follow these instructions to do so.

  • Open the control panel and then choose update&security.


  • Now click on the tab named recovery.


  • Here, you will see the option to reset this PC. Click on get started.


  • As soon as click that the system reset process will start. You now have two options to do this. Choose whether you want to keep your files or choose whether you want to remove everything.

choose system recovery

  • Choose any one an then in the next window click on Next.

next system recovery

  • Finally, click on reset.

reset pc


So, these were the methods to eradicate the error that you have been facing. We hope that we could help out in rectifying your error. For more such informative articles, do check out our website. Find, how to fix – feature update to windows 10, version 1903 – error 0x80070002.  These articles will surely be useful to you.

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