Convert Quicken to QuickBooks: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you a user who is trying to convert Quicken to Quickbooks? Well, you are not the only one, as a number of firm owners make use of either Quicken or Intuit QuickBooks for managing the financial terms of their operations such as accounting and manage bookkeeping tasks. For many reasons, you might not want your data in Quickens anymore and wish to convert your important files into QuickBooks then there exists a tool for this also. Do not be worried, you will not lose any important data while doing so.

Intuit came up with a free application program named Quicken Converter using which anyone can convert Quicken to QuickBooks files quite easily. Be with us till the end to gather every significant piece of information about this topic and know how to convert the Quicken files to QuickBooks without the loss of important files. Before going to the process, let us first understand the key difference between the software.

Key Differences: QuickBooks Vs Quicken

The major thing that distinguishes both the software Quickbooks and Quicken is that Intuit company developed QBs for assisting small and medium-scale firms whereas Quicken is developed for the management of personal work of finances. It helps in supporting individuals doing a side business or rental properties work in managing their personal accounts.

Quicken vs Quickbooks

Features of QuickBooks

  • Sorts Transactions into the category of Taxes
  • Customizes reports
  • Income tracking system
  • Online Payments & Transactions
  • Payment reminders
  • Tracking Cash flows system
  • Calculation of salaries and checking track sales.
  • Accessibility in smartphones.
  • Prints cheques.
  • Profit and loss statements can be generated.
  • Customer support is available via call, chat, or e-mails.

Features of Quickens

  • Custom rent reminders can be easily set.
  • Rental income, rates, and deposits can be tracked.
  • Rental and business sections are separately available.
  • Users can easily customize invoices.
  • Rental and business reports can be mailed.
  • You can call or chat with the customer assistance support team.

As you must have witnessed, there are some extra tools that are available in Quickens for properly managing a rental business.

Key Points to Know Before the Conversion of Files

Quicken to Quickbooks

There are some important things to know before you carry out to follow the process of converting the files to QBs.

  • This process cannot be reversed, which simply means that once you convert the company files from Quickens to QBs then there is no reverse process. You will not be able to make use of that data in Quicken again.
  • Remember to always create a backup file of the essential data that you need to convert.
  • In case you are a Mac user and wish to convert the Mac files, then convert all the files into Windows files first as Quickens does not have the feature of converting the Mac files.

When to Use the Quicken Converter Tool (QCT)? 

Although any user can easily convert Quicken to the Quickbooks Desktop by making use of the option named Utilities, there are times when this option cannot be used and users will need to search for some other options.

Quicken Converter Tool

  • If the version of Quicken and QB are not similar then QCT will be used.
  • Let us take an example to make our point crystal clear. You do not need this converter tool in case of conversion of Quicken files to QBs if both the software are of similar versions. You need this tool in case of converting the Quicken files to QB when the versions of both the software are not the same. Suppose, you need to convert a Quicken 2020 file into QuickBooks 2021 version, then you will need to use the Quicken Conversion Tool (QCT).

Quicken Converter Tool: Mac Users

  • For Mac Users: In case a user wants to convert the Quicken files of Mac then this is a bit disappointing for you as you will be needing to convert the Mac files of Quickens to Quickens Windows Files and then make use of the tool.
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How to Convert Files using ‘Utilities’?


Convert your files via the in-built option named Utilities easily by carrying out the steps provided below:

  • Launch the QBs software and go for the option of Files in the top bar menu.
  • Reach out to the option Utilities.
  • Navigate to Convert<From Quicken.
  • Browse your file and then access QDF (Quicken File) on your PC.
  • Going step by step, do follow the instructions coming on the screen. 

Methods to Convert Quicken files to QBs via Quicken Converter

Convert Quicken files to QB using Quicken Converter

  • Firstly, download the Quicken Converter, but do remember that it must be of a similar version as QBs from Intuit’s website. 
  • After the downloading process is finished, open the file and agree to the license agreement. Tap on the button Next.
  • After installing the Quicken Converter, tap ‘Next’ again.
  • Now for the conversion process, go for the option ‘I am transferring data from Quicken from Windows’.
  • Find the PDF file and click on it. 
  • Now, choose the Convert option, and your file data will be transferred from Quicken to QB.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How can you Convert Quicken Files to .CSV?

 Ans. In order to convert the Quicken Files to .CSV, import the files into QuickBooks Online.

By following a few steps, this process can be completed.

  1. Access your file.
  2. Choose the Export option
  3. Now, go to the option named Export to CSV File.
  4. Choose any directory location where you can access your file easily and save it.

Q2. How can we convert Quicken to QuickBooks online?

Ans. No, Quicken can never be converted to QuickBooks online directly. Although you can do convert the QBs desktop to QBs online. So, in case you wish to convert the Quicken Files to QBs desktop first and then start the process of conversion of your files.

Wrapping Up

The post has been structured in the easiest of ways to aid you in understanding everything associated with how to convert Quicken to QuickBooks. Going further, the details of the QCT coupled with all the various methods that can be used for the conversion are also included for you. We are optimistic that you will successfully convert Quicken to Qbs but in case you are somewhere stuck in between the process, then you are advised to take proper guidance from the QuickBooks IT professional available for you worldwide. 

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